About Uzbekistan eVisa

The Uzbekistan eVisa program is an electronic visa document established by the government in July 2018. This electronic visa option permits eligible citizens to seek entry into Uzbekistan without requiring a visit to the Embassy. Introduced to streamline the online visa application process, the eVisa facilitates foreign nationals in obtaining authorization to visit Uzbekistan for specified purposes.

Currently, we offer two types of Uzbekistan eVisas designed for tourism and business purposes:

  • Tourist Visa: Tourists can travel to Uzbekistan within 30 days with single, double or multiple entries.
  • Business Visa: The same as a tourist visa, travelers can visit Uzbekistan for business purposes in 30 days with single, double or multiple entries.

When using our visa services, travelers can reduce the time and effort to obtain an eVisa. There are 3 processing time that travelers can choose to process your eVisa:

  • Normal: The process will take from 03 business days
  • Urgent: The process will take about 02 business days
  • Super Urgent: This process will take within 01 business day

Consequently, travelers are advised to submit their eVisa applications at least one week prior to their intended travel date to mitigate any potential delays. It is recommended to review visa requirements based on nationality before applying for an eVisa.

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