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As international travel becomes more accessible, planning a trip abroad can involve coordinating multiple services, from booking flights and accommodations to securing visas and arranging travel insurance. GVC has partnered with DNBC to offer a comprehensive travel assistance solution for travelers in international payment to make the process smoother and more efficient.

A trusted partner in GVC’s worldwide ecosystem

The collaboration between GVC and DNBC combines the strengths of both companies to create a comprehensive travel assistance solution for international travelers. By integrating DNBC’s advanced payment solutions and financial services with GVC's extensive travel assistance offerings, we can provide travelers with a one-stop shop for all their travel needs.

About DNBC

DNBC Financial Group® began the journey in 2017, thriving as a solution to global financial payments with a strong passion for simplification to support individuals and enterprises worldwide. With a reputation for reliability and cutting-edge technology, DNBC offers a range of financial products and services designed to meet the diverse needs of international clients. Learn more about DNBC.

Exclusive offers for GVC’s customers only from DNBC

GVC is proud to announce a partnership with DNBC that offers our customers exclusive financial benefits to enhance their international travel experience. This collaboration is designed to provide travelers with unparalleled convenience and value when managing their finances abroad.

Exclusive offers for GVC’s customers only from DNBC

Here are the exclusive offers available to GVC customers from DNBC:

  • Entry visa for a short period. Get a Prepaid Card for global payments.
  • Entry visa for a short period. Get 30% Cash-Back on your next purchase with GVC, applicable to all services provided by GVC.
  • Entry visa for a short period. Free Maintenance Fee for the first 3 months.
  • Entry visa for a short period. First Funding is only 200 EUR minimum, with no holding amount.

Enjoy the convenience of secure payments while traveling abroad with a Prepaid Card.

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  1. Much like a debit or credit card, a prepaid card can also be used to make purchases and payments. However, a prepaid card is preloaded with a specific balance that acts as a spending limit. Cardholders can utilize the prepaid card for transactions just as you would a debit or credit card, but once the balance is depleted, further purchases are not possible until you reload the card with additional funds. 

    Prepaid cards are a convenient option for international travel thanks to their versatility and security features. Cardholders can use a prepaid card during their travel abroad to make purchases, withdraw cash from ATMs, and pay bills. A major advantage is that prepaid cards are often accepted globally, wherever major card networks like Visa or Mastercard are recognized.

  2. A prepaid card is beneficial when it comes to international travel. 

    • Firstly, prepaid cards provide a secure and convenient way to carry money abroad, eliminating the need to carry a large amount of cash.
    • Secondly, prepaid cards are widely accepted worldwide. Travellers can make purchases and withdraw cash from ATMs wherever major card networks are accepted. Some prepaid cards also offer the option to load multiple currencies onto a single card. This enables cardholders to convert between currencies at the point of sale in different countries without incurring currency conversion fees. 
    • Thirdly, using a prepaid card may reduce the risk of fraud or theft, owing to features such as the ability to lock or cancel the card remotely.
    • Lastly, travellers can stick to their travel budget with their prepaid cards, as they can only spend the funds loaded onto the card, thus avoiding overspending or accruing debt. 

    With these great benefits, prepaid cards offer a convenient, secure, and budget-friendly payment option for international travel.

  3. When choosing a prepaid card for international travel, you should consider the following features:

    • Purpose of the card: An essential factor to take into account when selecting a prepaid card is its purpose. Whether you want to use the card to make purchases, pay bills, or withdraw cash. Since various prepaid cards have different features, you should select a card that suits your needs to avoid wasting money. 
    • Fees: There are some prepaid cards that impose fees on transactions, purchases, ATM withdrawals, and other fees. Therefore, you should choose a prepaid card that has low or no fees, or one that waives fees if you meet specific requirements, such as keeping a minimum balance or completing a particular amount of transactions each month. 
    • Security features: Look for a card with robust security features such as EMV chip technology, PIN protection, and the ability to block or freeze the card if needed.
    • Reload options: Consider how you'll reload funds onto the card while travelling, whether it's through an online portal, mobile app, or in-person at designated locations.
    • Customer support: Ensure the card issuer offers round-the-clock customer support, especially for handling issues or emergencies while you're abroad, to provide you with peace of mind during your trip.
  4. It is quite simple to use your prepaid card by following the following steps:

    • Order your prepaid card in advance of your travel: The good news is that you can register a prepaid card for your travel abroad online. Since it may take several days, you should order your card as soon as possible to allow ample time for delivery.
    • Set up your card: Following this, proceed to set up and activate your card online. 
    • Select preferred exchange rates: Once activated, you can deposit funds onto your card. Select the foreign currencies you wish to convert them to if necessary. Keep in mind that it could take some time for money to appear in the balance on your prepaid card, so it's advisable to make deposits well in advance of your trip. Deposits can be made from various sources, including bank accounts, other payment cards, and paychecks.
    • Manage your balance: You may keep using your online account to manage your prepaid card. Keep an eye on how much you're spending since you'll need to top off your balance if you run out of money.

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