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This type of Visa is used for the purpose of travelling to a country. It is also the most popular visa type that we help our customers to apply for.

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The holder of this visa type will be allowed to do business in the corresponding country. And it usually requires some extra documents.

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It is issued to persons connecting through a country to other destinations for a determined period. Many countries exempt this type of visa.

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Medical visa is used for travelers who want to be treated under the system of medicine of a country. It is used by just some governments.

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Peace of Mind While You're Away from Home

US$ 299.00

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Feel Peace of Mind While You're Away from Home

  • Maximum Benefit up to US$ 50,000.00 Maximum Benefit up to US$ 50,000.00
  •  Medical Payments Coverage Medical Payments Coverage
  • No worry about Trip Delay, Trip Interruption, Lost Baggage No worry about Trip Delay, Trip Interruption, Lost Baggage
  • Protect Your Benefit from Covid-19 Pandemic Protect Your Benefit from Covid-19 Pandemic

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  • Tour Guide Kuala Lumpur - Book Private Tour and Travel Like a Local

    Tour Guide Kuala Lumpur - Book Private Tour and Travel Like a Local

    Mabel Collins May 29, 2024

    Why Choose a Private Tour Guide Kuala Lumpur? First of all, why should you consider hiring a tour guide Kuala Lumpur? There are many benefits that this private tour can help you to experience all the modernization as well as the city’s culture. From there, you will have a larger and better view of the developing country - Malaysia. A Guide Tour can enhance your experience by customizing A private tour guide helps you to have a personalized experience, tailored to your interests and demands. They can design your travel plans, organize accommodations and transportation, which help you save money and effort. Moreover, they can provide suggestions on dining, attractions to enjoy, and forbidden areas to avoid. Either you are a history buff, a fan of food, or someone who loves to explore, your guide may tailor the trip to bring out the parts of Kuala Lumpur that most interest you. Hiring a private tour guide Kuala Lumpur can save money and effort during your trip A private tour guide Kuala Lumpur brings flexibility and convenience With a private tour, you have complete control over your schedule. You can decide when to start your tour, how long to spend at each location, and even make spontaneous changes to your itinerary. This flexibility especially brings out its full utility when you're traveling with family or a group with many interests. A tour guide can have an in-depth knowledge about Kuala Lumpur’s culture and some attractions, even some places that you never knew. They can tell the stories behind the walls that you won’t find in any guide books or on the internet. A private tour guide Kuala Lumpur can answer any questions you have along the way, that make your travel experience more wonderful while in Malaysia. A tour guide can male your travel stress-Free Navigating a new city can be daunting, especially with language barriers and unfamiliar public transport systems. A private tour guide handles all the transportation in the city, entry tickets, and all essential things to make sure you have a smooth and stress-free experience. By traveling with tour guide Kuala Lumpur, you can have the chance to relax and enjoy the whole trip without worrying about the details. A Sample City Travel Plans To Refer With Private Tour Guide Kuala Lumpur KLCC Petronas Twin Towers - Batu Caves Private Tour Kuala Lumpur Traveling to Malaysia you can not miss the iconic building in Kuala Lumpur - KLCC Petronas Twin Towers. A private tour guide can help you book tickets in advance to avoid long queues and provide interesting facts about the towers’ construction and significance. Don’t forget to take in the breathtaking views from the Skybridge and Observation Deck to make the best day trips from Kuala Lumpur. Batu Caves offers a one-of-a-kind Kuala Lumpur cave tour as you ascend the steps and stroll into the limestone temple.  It provides wonderful views from the summit and is a great spiritual destination. Keep in mind that the sights are spread out, so hiring a private tour guide in Kuala Lumpur and being chauffeured in the luxury of your own automobile will make your day easier. Start to visit Kuala Lumpur with twin towers Some benefits you might expect from a private tour Kuala Lumpur: Kuala Lumpur tour and Batu Caves with a private driver. Petronas Twin Towers admission tickets  The National Museum, Lake Gardens, Central Market, Old Railway Station, National Monument, and National Mosque are located at Merdeka Square (Independence Square).  Local English-speaking guide. Hotel pickup and drop-off. Food Tour - Taste of Kuala Lumpur With Locals Experience the tastes of Kuala Lumpur is a thing that should not be missed in your private tour guide Kuala Lumpur!  This trip, led by a local Kuala Lumpur private guide, visits some top eating venues, alternating between savory, sweet, local beverages, and city highlights.  You'll appreciate every piece of the delectable Nasi Lemak and relish the taste of Paper Dosa in its true native flavor.  In between meal stalls, you can explore other destinations such as Petaling Street and Sri Mahamariamman Temple to learn about local culture and history.  Prepare to feast through KL's culinary scene by booking your own food tour now! There are many food stalls in Kuala Lumpur for you to try Private tour guide Kuala Lumpur in the Outskirts Private Tour - Cameron Highlands If you enjoy the beauty of rolling hills and vegetation, it's time to take a break from the conventional Kuala Lumpur guided tour and visit Cameron Highlands! Cameron Highlands, located just a few hours outside of Kuala Lumpur, is home to tea plantations, orchards, hiking routes, and other attractions. Life moves slowly here, so take your time and experience a different side of Malaysia on your weekend trip. You may harvest strawberries at the Raju Hill Strawberry Farm or visit the beautiful Boh Tea Plantation. If you want to go trekking in the cool weather, consider one of the routes in the Mossy Forest. Elephant Sanctuary Tour This customized trip is ideal for animal lovers! Your own chauffeur and guide will take you to KL's hidden jewels for animal lovers, such the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary and Kampung Kuantan Fireflies Park. Have you ever wished to witness the amazing beauty of elephants? During the Kuala Lumpur elephant tour, you may go up close and even feed them. Enjoy the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur with wildlife Frequently Asked Questions about The Private Tour Guide Kuala Lumpur What is a private tour guide Kuala Lumpur? A private tour is a tour that plans a travel experience tailored to your interests from a schedule with options of budget. When you use this type of service, you can get a dedicated guide and transportation throughout the city. This type of tour offers convenience for any type of tourist. Moreover, private tours provide many exclusive packages or combo when visiting Kuala Lumpur attractions. How do I choose the right private tour guide in Kuala Lumpur? To choose the right private tour guide: Research and Reviews: Look for guides with positive reviews on websites like TripAdvisor and Viator. Verify Credentials: Ensure the guide is licensed and knowledgeable. Communication: Make sure the guide speaks your preferred language fluently and is responsive to your questions. Clear Itinerary: Discuss your interests and preferred itinerary in advance. Flexibility: Choose a guide who is open to making spontaneous detours and adjustments based on your preferences. How Many Days Do You Need in Kuala Lumpur?  Malaysia is a developing country, however it still keeps the culture and traditional things, especially you can see and experience in Kuala Lumpur. Wondering how many days you'll need in Kuala Lumpur? Three days in Kuala Lumpur is enough time to discover the Malaysian capital's modernism and tradition. Traveling in Malaysia is cheap for any visitors who want to come to visit What should I pack to prepare for the best day trips from Kuala Lumpur? Comfortable Clothing: Lightweight, breathable fabrics suitable for the tropical climate. Walking Shoes: Comfortable shoes for walking and exploring. Sun Protection: Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. Water Bottle: To stay hydrated. Camera or Smartphone: For capturing memories. Rain Gear: An umbrella or rain jacket, especially during the rainy season. Personal Items: Any necessary medications and personal hygiene items. Snacks: Light snacks for the journey. Conclusion Exploring with a private tour guide Kuala Lumpur offers a unique and enriching travel experience. With the expertise of a local, you can delve deeper into the city’s history, culture, and hidden gems while enjoying the convenience and flexibility of a personalized tour. Now, let’s apply for an e-Visa to visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Only in 03 business days, travelers can obtain your travel documents to visit. During the process, we will be available to assist and standardize your required documents to guarantee the high success visa rate.

  • Discovering the Best Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: A Culinary Adventure

    Discovering the Best Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: A Culinary Adventure

    Marcus Richard May 27, 2024

    Explore the Best Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1. Enak KL Enak KL is a good restaurant for international tourists A Taste of Traditional Malay Cuisine Enak KL is renowned for its exquisite traditional Malay cuisine. Located in the Starhill Gallery, this restaurant is known for its elegant ambiance and warm hospitality. Enak KL takes diners on a culinary journey through Malaysia with dishes that are rich in flavor and steeped in history. Enak KL offers an authentic Malay dining experience with a modern twist. Signature dishes such as Rendang Tok (slow-cooked beef in coconut milk and spices) and Ayam Percik (grilled chicken with spicy sauce) are must-tries. The restaurant's commitment to using fresh, local ingredients ensures that each dish is a flavorful delight. 2. Nobu Kuala Lumpur Nobu Kuala Lumpur is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Malaysia Japanese-Peruvian Fusion at Its Finest Located on the 56th floor of the Petronas Towers. Nobu Kuala Lumpur offers not only spectacular views of the city skyline but also an exceptional dining experience. Nobu is famous for its innovative Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine, crafted by world-renowned chefs. Nobu Kuala Lumpur is perfect for those looking to indulge in a luxurious dining experience. The menu features iconic dishes such as Black Cod Miso and Yellowtail Jalapeno. The elegant setting and impeccable service make it an ideal spot for special occasions. 3. Jalan Alor Jalan Alor is a street with a lot of local cuisine in Malaysia Street Food Heaven Jalan Alor is not a single restaurant but a bustling street food haven that every food enthusiast must visit. Located in the heart of Bukit Bintang, Jalan Alor comes alive at night with a myriad of food stalls offering a diverse range of local delicacies. Jalan Alor is the ultimate destination for authentic Malaysian street food. From satay (grilled skewered meat) and char kway teow (stir-fried rice noodles) to durian (the king of fruits) and ice kacang (shaved ice dessert), Jalan Alor offers a culinary adventure like no other. 4. Bijan Bar & Restaurant Bijan Bar & Restaurant is one of the best Malay cuisine restaurants Contemporary Malay Cuisine Bijan Bar & Restaurant is another gem in Kuala Lumpur. Situated in a charming bungalow near the bustling Changkat Bukit Bintang. Bijan provides a serene dining environment with a touch of elegance. Bijan is known for its creative approach to traditional Malay dishes. Highlights include the Duck Rendang and the Durian Cheesecake. The restaurant’s romantic ambiance and attention to detail make it a favorite among locals and tourists alike. 5. Troika Sky Dining Troika Sky Dining is one of the best restaurants with stunning views in Malaysia Dining with a View Troika Sky Dining offers a collection of dining experiences. The restaurant is located in the iconic Troika building. It includes several top-tier restaurants such as Cantaloupe, Fuego, and Strato. Every provides a unique culinary journey with breathtaking views of the Kuala Lumpur skyline. Whether you're in the mood for European fine dining at Cantaloupe, Latin American flavors at Fuego, or Italian cuisine at Strato, Troika Sky Dining has something for everyone. The stunning panoramic views add an extra layer of magic to your dining experience. 6. Hakka Restaurant Authentic Hakka Cuisine For those looking to explore Chinese cuisine, Hakka Restaurant is a must-visit. Established in 1956, this restaurant has been serving traditional Hakka dishes for decades. Its spacious setting and family-friendly atmosphere make it a popular choice for gatherings. Hakka Restaurant is renowned for its authentic Hakka dishes such as Yong Tau Foo (stuffed tofu and vegetables) and Mui Choy Kau Yoke (braised pork belly with preserved mustard greens). The restaurant’s long-standing reputation speaks to the quality and authenticity of its food. 7. Nadodi Nadodi is one of the best South Indian cuisine restaurants in Malaysia Progressive South Indian Cuisine Nadodi takes diners on a gastronomic journey through the nomadic culinary traditions of South India. Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, this fine dining establishment is known for its innovative and progressive approach to traditional South Indian cuisine. Nadodi offers a unique dining experience with its elaborate tasting menus that showcase the flavors of South India. The Nadodi Experience, a 13-course meal, is a highlight, featuring dishes that are as visually stunning as they are delicious. The restaurant's intimate setting and impeccable service make it a must-visit for food connoisseurs. 8. Marini’s on 57 Enjoy Italian Fine Dining at Marini's on 57 with the best view of Petronas Italian Fine Dining with a View Marini’s on 57 is an upscale Italian restaurant located on the 57th floor of Petronas Tower 3. Known for its luxurious setting and panoramic views of the city Marini’s offers an exceptional dining experience with a focus on high-quality Italian cuisine. Marini’s on 57 is the epitome of elegance and sophistication. The menu features classic Italian dishes such as Risotto and Osso Buco, prepared with the finest ingredients. The stunning views of the Petronas Towers and the Kuala Lumpur skyline make it a perfect spot for a romantic dinner or a special celebration. 9. Village Park Restaurant Village Park Restaurant is one of the best restaurants to taste Nasi Lemak  Best Nasi Lemak in Town No culinary tour of Kuala Lumpur would be complete without trying Nasi Lemak, Malaysia’s national dish. Village Park Restaurant in Damansara Uptown is famed for serving the best Nasi Lemak in town. It's also drawing in crowds with its fragrant rice, crispy fried chicken, and spicy sambal. Village Park Restaurant offers a quintessential Malaysian dining experience. The Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng (Nasi Lemak with fried chicken) is a standout, and the bustling atmosphere adds to the charm. It’s a must-visit for anyone looking to taste authentic Malaysian comfort food. 10. Opium KL Asian Fusion with a Twist Opium KL is a stylish restaurant located in Changkat Bukit Bintang that offers an eclectic menu of Asian fusion cuisine. The restaurant’s interior, inspired by 1930s Shanghai, creates a unique and captivating dining environment. Opium KL’s menu is a delightful mix of traditional Asian flavors with modern twists. Signature dishes include the Crispy Duck Noodles and the Wagyu Beef Rendang. The restaurant’s vibrant ambiance and creative cocktails make it a great spot for a night out in Kuala Lumpur. Tips for Dining Out in Kuala Lumpur Reservations Like Nobu Kuala Lumpur and Marini’s on 57 fine dining establishments, it’s advisable to make reservations in advance to secure your table. Dress Code While casual attire is acceptable in most places, upscale restaurants such as Troika Sky Dining and Marini’s on 57 may have a smart casual dress code. It’s best to check ahead to avoid any inconvenience. Dietary Preferences Many restaurants in Kuala Lumpur cater to various dietary preferences. That including vegetarian, vegan, and halal options. Don’t hesitate to inform the restaurant of any dietary restrictions when making your reservation. Local Etiquette While dining in Kuala Lumpur, it’s essential to respect local customs and etiquette. For instance, it’s polite to wait for everyone to be served before starting your meal, and using your right hand for eating is customary in Malay culture. Tipping Tipping is not a common practice in Malaysia, as a service charge is often included in the bill. Yet, leaving a small tip as a gesture of appreciation for excellent service is always welcomed. Conclusion Exploring the best restaurant in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur is a journey through the rich culinary landscape. So, whether you're a resident or a visiting traveler, embark on this culinary adventure. As well as savor the diverse and delicious offerings that Kuala Lumpur has in store. Applying for travel papers with GVC allows passengers to take a gastronomic adventure through the bustling streets of Kuala Lumpur. With GVC's simplified process, tourists may quickly receive the appropriate visas and permits, enabling them to focus on enjoying the city's many gastronomic choices. From traditional Malay cuisine at Enak KL to creative Japanese-Peruvian fusion at Nobu Kuala Lumpur, GVC allows visitors to discover the many tastes that distinguish Kuala Lumpur's culinary scene. Whether dining in posh restaurants with panoramic views or experiencing street cuisine delights on Jalan Alor, tourists can rely on GVC to make their culinary excursions in Malaysia's capital easy and convenient.

  • The Ultimate Travel Guide To Malaysia For First Timers

    The Ultimate Travel Guide To Malaysia For First Timers

    Azure Lee May 27, 2024

    What can I expect when traveling to Malaysia? Malaysia is quite similar to the other well-known countries. Gorgeous sandy beaches, crystal clear water and great locations for diving, snorkeling, and other water sports may all be found here.  Additionally, you may get up close and personal with wildlife and unspoiled nature. Whether it is the well-known proboscis monkeys, pygmy elephants, or orangutans. If all of this is not enough, the country's interior has a lot of culture, history, and typical city life. Malaysia is one of the most visited countries in Southeast Asia Best time to visit Malaysia Unfortunately, there is no exact answer to this question. The weather is already unpredictable in other countries, and Malaysia is no exception. In general, between November to August is the best time to visit other areas of Peninsular Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur. Even though the temperatures are constant year-round, this is the best time to avoid the worst of the monsoon season. Remember that it can still rain occasionally, so make sure you have your raincoat when going out. If you want to travel to the East Coast of Malaysia, you should plan your vacation between March and September. Visiting the tropical rainforests of Borneo's Sabah or Sarawak is also recommended during this time. You can read more about Month-By-Month Guide For Visiting In Malaysia Best time to visit Malaysia How to get around in Malaysia Traveling in Malaysia is quite simple. With a great infrastructural network means you can look forward to a hassle-free trip. This Malaysia travel guide book has put together all the necessary transportation information to help you plan your Malaysia adventure and explore this beautiful country. By bus The nationwide bus system in Malaysia is extensive and user-friendly, with frequent express buses between all major cities and towns. Bus travel in Malaysia can be effective, but it is not always safe due to a combination of good roads and careless drivers.  It is a good idea to book tickets online in advance on busy weekends and public holidays. The air conditioning can be extremely freezing, so even in the tropical heat outside, you will still need to rug up to keep comfortable on long travels. You might have to take older fan-cooled buses to get to more remote destinations. By train Malaysia's railway network is limited from south to north. It is not the quickest way, because the train will stop at most rest stops along the way, but we think it is well worth it since it is a fun way to meet some locals. By boat To get to the small tropical islands offshore, you can only travel by boat. These are usually small-sized boats that can take you to the islands easily. Most boat trips take between 30-45 minutes. It takes about 2 hours to sail in a wooden jungle boat to visit the Taman Negara. Domestic Flights In case you have limited time or would prefer to travel longer distances faster, domestic flights are the best choice. Flying is the best option for certain routes, for example, the one between Penang and the east coast. The most often used airline is Air Asia, followed by Silk and Batik Air. Local transportation For a more authentic experience, we always advise visitors to take the local transportation in the cities and towns. Additionally, it allows you to explore at your own pace and chat with the locals. You can take a taxi, Tuk-Tuk, or moped depending on your preference. How to get around in Malaysia Visa, currency, budget, and language in Malaysia Visa All international visitors wishing to travel to Malaysia will need a visa, except visitors from countries on the exempt country list for Malaysia visas. You can check the visa requirements for Malaysia here. If your country is not included in the list of exempt countries, a Malaysia visa will be REQUIRED for you. Applying for the appropriate sort of visa depends on your purpose for visiting Kenya as well as the documents you have been recommended. Travelers from all over the world may now apply for a Malaysia eVisa at home without having to go to their local Malaysian embassy or consulate. Currency and payment The Malaysian Ringgit, denoted MYR, is the currency used in Malaysia. Currently, €1 is equivalent to 5 MYR. Depending on the conditions of your card, we advise you to exchange or withdraw cash locally for your travel to Malaysia. In some restaurants, we could pay with a card, but this was not the case everywhere. Acceptance is not very high, particularly if you use American Express. Therefore, it is worth bringing some Euros with you so that you may exchange them for MYR on the spot. Budget when traveling to Malaysia As always, the budget you need to travel depends a lot on your travel habits. Of course, a budget trip to Malaysia is also an option. If you typically travel through Southeast Asia with a backpack, you'll also pay a lot less in Malaysia. But if you like luxury hotels, you'll need to spend a little more money. Language Worried about a communication gap? The majority of Malaysians are multi-lingual, therefore there is no need to fear. Of course, Bahasa Melayu is the official language, but educated locals and those employed in the service industry also frequently speak English. Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil, Hokkien, and many more languages are also spoken. Particularly in Kuala Lumpur, English is widely spoken. Malaysians have realized the value of the English language as a tool for business and travel since multinational enterprises and foreign visitors have become more prevalent. Visa, currency, budget, and language in Malaysia Best places to visit Malaysia If this is your first trip to Malaysia, all planning may seem overwhelming. As a first-timer in Malaysia, you should tour Kuala Lumpur and visit at least one night market. Everything else is up to your personal preference. Would you prefer to focus on diving and snorkeling? Then, you will discover nice places in Malaysia's east or Borneo. You cannot miss Sabah and the Kinabatangan Wetlands if you like to explore the jungle, go on a hike, and see the wildlife. In addition, Langkawi is a great option if you are looking for the perfect place for your honeymoon. If you want to learn more about Malaysia, please check out 10 Best Places To Visit In Malaysia here. We really hope that this travel guide Malaysia will help you with your travel plans and ensure that you will have a memorable holiday in Malaysia.

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