Laos e-Visa requirements for UK citizens

It is straightforward to obtain a visa to enter Laos. Visitors from certain countries can apply for a Laos eVisa online. The online service is available to citizens of the United Kingdom through a computer or mobile device. If you want to get a Laos eVisa for UK citizens, you only have to fill out the online form and submit related documents.

British nationals can apply for a visa to visit Laos online through the Laos eVisa for UK citizens program without needing to schedule a meeting with a Laos diplomatic mission. Learn more about the Laos e-Visa by reading the article that is posted here.

laos visa for uk citizens

laos visa for uk citizens

1. Laos e-Visa for UK citizens

Are British Citizens Required to Have an eVisa for Laos?

Yes, to enter Laos, nationals of the United Kingdom are required to first obtain a visa. There are 03 different ways to travel to Laos from the United Kingdom:

  • Arriving with an electronic visa for Laos
  • Paying a visit to a Laos embassy or consulate
  • Standing in line to get a Laos visa upon arrival (VOA)

Types of Laos e-Visa for citizens from the United Kingdom

The Laos government will only permit applications for a tourist e-visa, which is the only type of visa that can be obtained only to visit or vacation in the country.

This tourist visa has a validity length of 60 days, starting from the date it was issued, but it only allows a single entry into the country. If Britons have this particular kind of e-visa, they are permitted to remain in Laos for a maximum of 30 days for traveling, visiting friends and family, or viewing tourist attractions.

If you are a citizen of the United Kingdom and wish to travel to Laos for any purpose other than tourism, including living there, working there, or attending school there, you are required to apply for a paper visa at the Laos Embassy in your area.

Types of Laos e-Visa for citizens from the United Kingdom

Types of Laos e-Visa for citizens from the United Kingdom

2. Check Laos eVisa requirements for UK citizens

It should be emphasized that only visitors with suitable passports (such as those issued by British authorities) will be taken into consideration for the Laos eVisa. Before it can be approved, the application form needs candidates to provide details from a current passport.

For travelers, the following are the main Laos eVisa requirements for UK citizens:

  • Passport holders from the UK must make sure their documents are valid for at least 6 months from the date of entrance.
  • 02 empty passport pages for stamping with visas.
  • A scanned copy of the biographical page from your passport.
  • A picture of the candidates (should be a shot within the last 6 months).
  • A current email address where the Laos eVisa will be sent after it has been approved.

The eVisa makes the process considerably simpler and faster, which speeds up not just the application process itself but also the time spent upon arrival traveling through customs and immigration. This is designed to speed up the general process.

Check Laos eVisa requirements for UK citizens

Check Laos eVisa requirements for UK citizens

3. How to apply for a Laos visa from the UK

British nationals must complete the online application for an eVisa for Laos before traveling.

Travelers must provide their answers to several straightforward questions on the online Laos visa application form. The Laotian government has created these to guarantee the safety of visitors. This covers eVisa-related subjects like:

  • Number of visas
  • Type of visa
  • Transportation method
  • Port of arrival
  • The processing time

In addition, the traveler is required to provide their personal information, which may include the following items:

  • Contact
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number
  • Travel details

After the application has been filled out in its entirety and any supplementary documents have been provided, the traveler is required to pay the Laos visa fee online and wait for an email with their approved Laos Visa for UK citizens.

Please note that you will need to download and print your Laos eVisa upon receipt. Your passport will be stamped as confirmation of your arrival. To enter Laos PDR using an eVisa, you'll need to use the same passport you applied with. Present it and your valid visa to the immigration officer at the port of entry so that they can evaluate your paperwork and determine whether or not you are allowed to enter the country.

How to apply for a Laos visa from the UK

How to apply for a Laos visa from the UK

4. Laos e-Visa fee for UK citizens

When applying for a Laos visa from the UK, you will be required to pay a cost, which will be broken down into two parts: Service Fees and Government Fees.

The amount of money that must be paid to the government for it to have the authority to grant visas to foreign nationals is referred to as the "Government Fee." This non-refundable fee is determined by the country of the applicant and is levied accordingly. Therefore, passengers must double-check the accuracy of the data included in the application form.

The Service Fee from Global Visa Services depends on the processing services you select and includes the consultation fee (from receiving information to processing an e-Visa):

  • Normal: The e-Visa for Laos will be handled within 03 business days of applying for the e-Visa.
  • Urgent: E-visas for Laos can be obtained within 48 working hours of the process.
  • Super Urgent: This is our quickest service, and it will be completed within 24 hours sent the application.

Travelers hailing from the United Kingdom are free to use any electronic transfer or wire transfer method of their choice when it comes to paying the Laos eVisa fees. They have the option of paying any applicable fees with a credit card or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal), as well as with the Bank of Cyprus.

In addition, the Global Visa Services strongly advises all tourists to get travel insurance before they embark on their trip. This will allow travelers to protect themselves and their belongings if an emergency arises. The cost of Covid-19 will be covered by your travel insurance policy.


  1. Yes, British citizens must get a visa to enter Laos. Brits, like those from other European nations, may apply for a Laos visa online using the eVisa website.

    The eVisa for Laos allows British nationals to stay in Laos for a total of 30 days for tourism purposes. The online visa attempts to simplify the process of obtaining the proper travel authorization.

    UK passport holders can easily apply for the Laos e-Visa. This technique comprises a basic online application form that just takes a few minutes to complete.

    Once accepted, the Laos online visa is emailed to the applicant. After that, the traveler can print a copy of the travel permit to submit at border control.

  2. Citizens of the United Kingdom can travel to Laos with an authorized eVisa. If they want to go to the country by plane, they should be aware that the eVisa is only valid at the following international airports:

    • Wattay-VTE-Vientiane-Vientiane
    • Luang Prabang-LPQ-Luang Prabang-Luang Prabang
    • Pakse - PKZ- Champasak- Champasak
    • Thai–Lao Friendship Bridge I (Vientiane) (from Thailand)
    • Thai–Lao Friendship Bridge II (Savannakhet ) ( from Thailand)
    • Thai-Lao Frienship Bridge IV (Bokeo Province) (from Thailand)
    • Boten International Checkpoint (Luang Namtha Province) (from China)
    • Boten Railway Station (Luang Namtha Province) (from China)

    Travelers from the United Kingdom should plan their trip through Laos by using the permitted border crossings at Boten International Checkpoint and the Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge.

    They can proceed directly to the passport controls for eVisa holders upon arrival, where they will present their UK passport and authorization letter for scrutiny before being allowed to enter the country.

    Validity of the Laos electronic visa for UK citizens

    Britons must not overstay their allotted 30-day stay in Laos, which is the maximum permissible stay in the nation with an electronic visa.

    However, if they need to extend their stay, they can do so at the Immigration Office in the country's capital (Vientiane) or with approved travel agents.

  3. British citizens can apply for an e-visa in Laos. This e-Travel document provides owners with up to 30 days of stay.

    British passport holders who wish to stay in Laos for more than 30 days must apply for a long-term visa at the Laotian Embassy.

    Some borders may request a visa upon arrival, but it may take time and an approved visa is not guaranteed.

    Benefits of applying for a Laos visa online 

    Use our services to have a stress-free experience. We provide a user-friendly platform; you may obtain your Laos e-visa with a few mouse clicks on our website. Here are some of the advantages of working with us.

    • Best visa acceptance chances - Using Global Visa Services increases your chances of approval by assuring an error-free application.
    • Form completion is flexible since you may work at your own speed, take pauses, and save your progress.
    • Guaranteed appointment scheduling - We will secure your visa appointment as soon as possible, saving you the time of looking for suitable dates.
    • Expert agent help - Receive end-to-end agent assistance with any questions or concerns you may have along the procedure.
    • Real-time order monitoring - Easily follow the status of your visa application through your account.
  4. Yes. Vientiane is generally safe for solo female travelers. The city is tiny and simple to explore, and the people are kind and friendly. The city is well-lit and police monitor it; thus crime is minimal. However, like with any trip, it is essential to be aware of your surroundings and take the required safety precautions.

    Here are safety tips for solo female travelers in Vientiane

    • Always be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts. Avoid walking alone at night and be careful of the people who follow you.
    • Dress conservatively to avoid unwanted attention.
    • Avoid dark alleys and live in bright lights.
    • Carry your whistle in case of an emergency.
    • Inform your family and friends about your current location and plans to return.
    • Always carry your cell phone and charge it.
    • Don't carry a large amount of cash and use a credit card or traveler's check instead.
    • Before you go, investigate the area and see if there is a potential risk.
    • Learn some basic phrases in your local language to help you communicate with locals.
    • Stay in a safe hotel or guest house and make sure the doors are always locked.

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