Laos e-Visa requirements for Armenian citizens

Located in Southeast Asia, Laos is characterized by its hilly landscape, French colonial architecture, hill tribe communities, and Buddhist temples. The Mekong River flows through the country. All foreign nationals, including those of Armenian descent, are required to get a visa before entering the country. Let's read the article of Global Visa Services to find out more about the Laos visa for Armenian citizens.

Laos eVisa for Armenian citizens

Laos eVisa for Armenian citizens

1. Laos visa for Armenian citizens 

Armenians, like citizens of many other countries, need a Laos e visa for tourism purposes.

Therefore, if an Armenian family is planning a holiday to Laos, each member of the group will need their own e-Visa because each approval letter is only valid for one entry.

For convenience, the Laos visa for Armenian citizens can now apply online. Armenians can use the electronic visa system established by the Laos Government to easily travel around the nation. Travelers are not restricted from visiting Vientián, the nation's capital.

2. Check Laos visa requirements for Armenian citizens

Armenians who want to apply for entrance into Laos online must meet the following requirements:

  • A passport from Armenia that is at least six months valid and has at least two blank visa pages. 
  • A duplicate passport first page with full details of your identity information. 
  • A valid email address of Armenian citizens
  • A recent color photograph ( with passport size and take a shot within 6 months recent)
  • The applicant's full name is printed on a thorough flying itinerary.

Residents from Armenia can start the application process after ensuring they have collected the necessary documents listed above.

Requirements of Laos eVisa for Armenian citizens

Requirements of Laos eVisa for Armenian citizens

3. How to apply for Laos eVisa from Armenia

Armenian citizens can apply for a Laos visa online without any hassle. They need just a good internet connection to fill out Laos's online visa application form is a breeze. The following details in the application form must be provided by Armenian citizens:

  • Full name, address, and date of birth
  • Age and gender
  • Passport details( number, issue, expiry date, and nationality)
  • Dates of traveling
  • A passport photo as explained above

Every member of the household from Armenia needs to have this information filled out separately when applying (one for each member).

When the application form is submitted along with payment, the applicant will receive a confirmation email that announces when they can receive e-visa results at the address they provided above.

A new visa application may be required if the previous one was either wrong or incomplete, so please take extra care when filling it out. 

Processing Times for Applicants from Armenia Obtaining a Laos eVisa

Visa applications submitted online should typically be examined and processed within 03 working days.

If the visitor's application for a Laos eVisa is incomplete or their supporting documents are invalid, a member of our team will contact them directly to clarify what they need to do to avoid having their application rejected.

After the adjustments have been made, the Laos Visa for Armenian citizens will be emailed to the applicant within 03 business days.

Ports of entry in Laos that accept e-Visas from Armenia

Armenian nationals can apply for a visa to Laos online, allowing them to enter the country by any of its land, air, or seaports. The following airports and border crossings are intended for Laotian tourists:

  • Wattay International Airport 
  • Luang Prabang International Airport
  • Pakse International Airport
  • Thai–Lao Friendship Bridge No.1
  • Thai–Lao Friendship Bridge No.2

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Apply for Laos eVisa from Armenia

Apply for Laos eVisa from Armenia

4. Laos visa fees for Armenian citizens

If you are a resident of Armenia and wish to apply for a visa to enter Laos, you will need to pay both the Government Fee and the Service Fee. 

Tourists must make a payment Government Fee to the Laos government in order to obtain an electronic tourist visa (eVisa). Even if your visa application is not accepted, you will still be required to pay this Government Fee.

Visa applications have different Service fees that are calculated based on the priority of service you need. Global Visa Services offers 03 different visa options for Armenian nationals: 

  • Normal Service for Armenian citizens: It takes 72 business hours to process a tourist visa for Laos. This is the most affordable service and fits people who have already scheduled a trip.
  • Urgent Service for Armenians: If your itinerary is really hurried, or urgent. This choice enables you to obtain an eVisa after 48 hours of processing.
  • Super Urgent Service for Armenia residents: This is the quickest service offered. You can receive a Laos eVisa after 24 processing hours by paying an additional fee.

There are 02 options for paying for your Laos eVisa fees: wire transfer to the Bank of Cyprus or electronic payment (Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express).

We recommend that all Armenian nationals who intend to travel to Laos for a prolonged period of time use the eVisa and purchase appropriate travel insurance. Laos travel insurance will protect you from the chance of a pandemic, accidents, illness, and so on. Because unfortunate things can happen to anyone at any time in any country, it is highly suggested that tourists invest in this travel insurance.

Cost of Laos visa for Armenian citizens

Cost of Laos visa for Armenian citizens

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