Laos e-Visa requirements for Belgian citizens

It is important to note that you will require a Visa to enter Laos from Belgium, even if you only intend to visit a friend who resides in one of the cities there. All of Laos's visa criteria for Belgian citizens must be completed before they can be issued an eVisa. The purpose of this article is to provide information about the Laos visa for Belgian citizens and guide travelers on how to apply for a Laos Tourist Visa from Belgium.

Laos eVisa for Belgian citizens

Laos eVisa for Belgian citizens

1. Laos visa for Belgian citizens 

Does a visa for Laos need to be obtained by citizens of Belgium?

To enter Laos, a visa is required for most nationalities all over the world. Only a number of Asian nations are included on the list of those whose citizens do not need a visa to enter Laos.

Most European Union nations require visitors to Laos to have a visa in addition to a valid passport.

So, if you are a citizen of Belgium and you need a visa to enter Laos, you can get one at the Laotian embassy in your home country. However, the eVisa Laos is the way to go if you're in a hurry to receive your visa.

What is the validity of a Laos eVisa for Belgian citizens?

The e-Visa for Laos can only be used once within the first 60 days after it has been issued. Visitors with a valid single-entry visa are permitted to remain in the country for up to 30 days. Once a tourist leaves Laos, regardless of whether or not the 30-day period was used, the visa becomes invalid.

A new Laos visa application will be required for Belgian citizens who intend to leave the country and then return.

As a traditional option, Belgian nationals can visit the Laos Embassy or Consulate in Belgium to apply in person for a conventional visa. However, there are a few difficulties with this option for various reasons.

For the reason that in certain states only a small number of diplomatic missions exist, while in others none exist at all. The processing period for in-person visa applications might be lengthy and difficult.

2. Check Laos visa requirements for Belgian citizens

If you are a Belgian citizen seeking to travel to Laos, you must first ensure that you complete all of the visa requirements before you can receive your electronic visa through email. 

  • No matter if you fall into the category of travelers not required to apply for a visa to enter Laos, you will still need a passport valid for at least six months upon your arrival plus 2 blank pages for visa verification. 
  • It is not always required to provide a return ticket before flying, but travelers should supply us with an itinerary just in case.
  • In addition to a valid passport (with at least two blank pages), travelers will also need to bring an entry ticket and a photo that complies with e-Visa photo requirements.
  • Please double-check that your passport has been stamped upon entry and that its date of issuance matches the current date.

Requirements of Laos eVisa for Belgian citizens

Requirements of Laos eVisa for Belgian citizens

3. How to apply for Laos eVisa from Belgium

When all the aforementioned requirements for a Laos eVisa have been met. Those in need of a Laos eVisa who are citizens of Belgium can now access the online application and should note that anyone entering Laos must provide a copy of their visa at the airport or port of entry.

All of the traveler's information will be checked against a protected database to make sure it all checks up and that no one is a threat to the public. The details include:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Plan your trip, including the dates of departure and arrival.

It takes 03 business days to process an eVisa for Laos. To prevent having their application rejected or delayed, applicants must offer answers that are both complete and relevant to the questions asked.

To apply for a Laos visa for Belgian citizens, you must first pay the Laos visa cost, which must be done before submitting the online form. Once you select your country of origin on the form, you'll see the visa cost for Belgian citizens.

You can pay the visa fee using a credit or debit card.

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Apply for Laos eVisa from Belgium

Apply for Laos eVisa from Belgium

4. Laos eVisa fees for Belgian citizens

The types of Laos visa Fees for Belgian citizens are: The Government Fee and the Services Fee 

To obtain your visa, you must pay a Government Fee to the Laos Immigration Department. Those applying for an e-Visa will be responsible for the charge. You must pay The Government Fees again if you make any changes to your application after you've already submitted it. If your application is rejected, you will not be refunded the application fee.

In return for our guidance during the application process, provision of required papers, verification of your application, and communication of the conclusion of your application, visitors from Belgium are required to pay The Service Fees. Global Visa Services offers three different processing times for Laos eVisa:

  • Normal Service: Tourist visas for Laos can be provided to Belgian citizens in roughly three business days. Given the inexpensive cost, the great majority of holidaymakers choose this service.
  • Urgent Service: If Belgian residents' routines are highly chaotic. This option allows them to obtain an eVisa after 48 hours of processing.
  • Super Urgent Services: If nationals of Belgium do not have time to prepare, they should use this service. Travelers may anticipate to get their Laos visa within 24 business hours after paying an extra cost. 

Belgians have two options for paying the Laos eVisa Fees: bank transfer to the Bank of Cyprus or electronic payment using PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

Travel Insurance: You should definitely get Travel Insurance for your trip to Laos. Having travel insurance will help ease your mind in the event of an emergency while in Laos. And It is important to stress that this is purely optional.

The cost of Laos eVisa for Belgian citizens

The cost of Laos eVisa for Belgian citizens


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