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Laos e-Visa requirements for Belizean citizens

Laos sits smack dab in the middle of the Indochinese Peninsula, surrounded by Myanmar, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Laos is a must-visit destination for Belizean tourists interested in the country's distinctive history and traditions, as well as its endless stunning waterfalls, lovely wildlife, and vegetation. Belizean citizens can explore the cities and learn about the culture of Laos with the help of the Laos e-Visa.

A visit to an embassy or consulate is no longer required of applicants. To obtain a Laos Visa for Belizean citizens, applicants must first ensure that they are eligible for one and that they provide the information requested on the e-Visa application form.

Laos eVisa for Belizean citizens

Laos eVisa for Belizean citizens

1. Laos visa for Belizean citizens 

To facilitate international travel, the Laotian government officially introduced the Laos e-Visa in July 2019. The Lao government now accepts online applications for e-Visas from citizens all over the world ( including citizens of Belize ). 

Approval of a Laos e visa will allow a visitor to the country to enter one time and remain in the country for up to 30 days for tourist purposes. The length of time for this visa is 60 days.

The entry point for Belizean citizens using an eVisa to enter Laos

The Laos e-Visa system was established to improve visa processing times and border security. Tourists from Belize who have been granted an electronic visa are permitted admission into Laos through any of the following ports of entry:

  • Wattay International Airport 
  • Luang Prabang International Airport
  • Pakse International Airport
  • Thai–Lao Friendship Bridge No.1
  • Thai–Lao Friendship Bridge No.2

2. Laos visa requirements for Belizean citizens

Document required for Belizean citizens to obtain Laos e-Visa

Belizean applicants can benefit from this simple procedure to get an eVisa, but only if they supply accurate information about their passports. Belize passports have to be included:

  • Have valid and at least 6 months from the date arrive in Laos
  • Have 02 blank pages in the passport ( for receiving the stamped entry)
  • Copies of the passport biographical information page

And different papers including:

  • Recent passport-style photograph
  • An email to receive e-Visa

Information about the Belizean citizens to apply for a Laos e-Visa

Citizens of Belize are required to provide the requested information on the Laos eVisa application form. A few minutes is the most time you'll spend on it. Necessary and appropriate information includes the following:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Travel details
  • Email address
  • Passport number, issue, and expiry
  • Intended date of entry

If the required details are missing or there are errors, processing might be slowed down. Applicants should check their information in the application form thoroughly to ensure accuracy and completeness.

The tourist will receive an email with the Laos eVisa Approval Letter attached, so it is important to enter a valid email address.

Requirements of Laos Tourist eVisa for Belizean passport holders

Requirements of Laos Tourist eVisa for Belizean passport holders

3. How to apply for a Laos visa from Belize

Applying for a Laos visa from Belize is easy. Citizens of Belize can obtain an e-visa for Laos in only 4 easy steps:

Step 01: With the information listed above, complete the online Laos visa application form.

Step 02: Make the necessary visa payment. To finish the process, Global Visa Services may require further documentation after costs have been paid.

Step 03: Make sure to look for an email from us confirming your eVisa, and be aware of the overall processing time.

Step 04: You must download and print your Laos eVisa once it sends to your inbox. You'll get a confirmation stamp on your passport. Please be aware that you must enter the Lao PDR with the same passport that you used to apply for your Laos eVisa. Please hand this document, along with your current visa, to the immigration official at the port of entry.

For citizens of Belize, the Laos e-Visa application procedure normally takes no more than 3 working days. Therefore, it is strongly encouraged that Belizean nationals apply for a visa to Laos at least seven days prior to departure.

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Apply for Laos eVisa from Belize

Apply for Laos eVisa from Belize

4. Laos eVisa fees for Belizean citizens

Belizean citizens must pay a government fee as well as a service fee to get an eVisa to enter Laos.

Before receiving electronic visas for travel, travelers must pay a Government Fee to Laos eVisa. Whether or whether your visa is approved, this expense cannot be reimbursed.

In addition, Global Visa Services will not assist you in obtaining an eVisa without payment of a Service Fee. The service fee is determined by the processing time option you chose for your visa application. For various service kinds, Global Visa Services offers three different processing timeframes.

  • Normal Service: Laos Tourist visa for residents of Belize is processed within 72 business hours. Most travelers opt for this service because of its cheap price.
  • Urgent Service: If the itinerary of Belizean citizens is quite rushed. This option helps them get an online visa after 48 processing hours.
  • Super Urgent Services: If Belizean nationals have less time to prepare information for Laos e-Visa, they should choose this service. Pay an extra cost and they can expect to obtain a Laos online visa after 24 processing hours.

Belizean citizens have two options for paying their Laos eVisa Fee: a wire transfer to the Bank of Cyprus, or an electronic payment service like PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

Travel insurance to Laos: If your trip will last longer than a few weeks, we advise that you include travel insurance in your itinerary. This insurance will safeguard you from sicknesses, accidents, and pandemics. You should definitely get travel insurance because you never know what can happen to you while you're abroad.

Laos eVisa fee for Belizean citizens

Laos eVisa fee for Belizean citizens

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