Laos e visa requirements for Filipino citizens

Numerous details exist regarding the visa, but regrettably, many of them are unclear. Thus, we decided to provide a straightforward guide that contains all the information required for Filipino nationals to obtain an eVisa to Laos. The Philippines can now go to Laos without a visa for fewer than 30 days. The article below will provide you with all the information you need to know about the Laos visa for Filipino citizens.

Laos eVisa for Filipino citizens

Laos eVisa for Filipino citizens

1. Laos e-Visa for Filipino citizens 

For Filipino nationals, what exactly is a Visa to Laos?

An electronic visa for Laos, also known as a Laos eVisa, is a travel authorization system that is issued by the government of Laos. This system enables citizens of more than 151 countries, including those of the Filipinos, to apply for a Laos Visa online. The purpose of this system is to encourage and strengthen the tourist industry in Laos by making it easier for international visitors to the country to travel there.

Types of Laos eVisa for Filipino residents

Those who hold a Filipino passport and are traveling to Laos within 30 days do not need a visa. Therefore:

  • If you stay in Laos for less than 30 days, a visa to Laos is NOT REQUIRED
  • If you stay in Laos for more than 30 days, a visa to Laos is REQUIRED

The Tourist Laos visa for Filipino citizens was designed with travel to the country or trips to see family members already residing there in mind. The validity of this visa is 60 days from the date of receipt of the approval letter. With a single entry, the duration stay of the permit is 30 days.

Types of Laos Visa for Filipino citizens

Types of Laos Visa for Filipino citizens

2. How to apply for a Laos Visa from the Philippines

The Laos eVisa system makes it possible for citizens of the Philippines to apply for a permit of entrance into the country online from any location in the world. To accomplish this, applicants are required to transmit the following papers to finish and submit the online application form for a Laos eVisa.

Throughout this procedure, they will be required to carry out the following steps to apply for Laos eVisa from Philippines:

  • Complete the form with your personal information, then submit it.
  • Check and make sure that the visa payments have been paid.
  • You will shortly receive an email including your Laos Approval Letter.
  • You can now print your approved eVisa for Laos.

Applicants don't have to go through the hassle of traveling to an embassy or waiting in line to acquire their visa upon arrival in Laos when they apply for an eVisa online.

Apply for a Laos Visa from the Philippines

Apply for a Laos Visa from the Philippines

3. Check Laos visa requirements for Filipino citizens

Tourists from the Philippines need to demonstrate that they satisfy the requirements outlined by the government of Laos before applying for an eVisa to enter the country. Providing the following items is one of the prerequisites:

  • Owning a passport that has a minimum validity of six months from the date of their arrival in Laos
  • A scan of the biographical page from the Philippines passport
  • 02 blank passport pages for stamping.
  • A recent picture of the applicant from the Philippines (within 6 months)
  • A valid email to receive the Laos eVisa approved

Each citizen of the Filipino, including minors and children traveling on their parents' passports, must fill out and submit an individual application to obtain a Laos eVisa.

Since the eVisa is tied directly to the passport number, visitors to Laos are required to use the same passport they used to apply for the visa. This regulation is enforced even for those with diplomatic or official passports.

If all of the Laos visa requirements for Filipino citizens are met, the process might take as little as three business days. However, passengers are advised to submit their applications at least seven days before the date they intend to depart in case there are any delays in processing.

Laos e-Visa Requirements for Filipino citizens

Laos e-Visa Requirements for Filipino citizens

4. Laos e-Visa fees for Filipino citizens

Filipinos must pay two different types of fees to enter Laos: the Government fee and the Services fee.

To obtain a Laos tourist eVisa, Filipino nationals are required to pay a fee to the government, which must then issue the visa. You will not receive a refund for this charge because of the cost of your visa application.

The service fee that you have to pay is determined by the Processing Time that you select for your visa application. The following three types of visa services are available to Filipino nationals through Global Visa Services:

  • Normal Services: the processing time for a tourist visa to Laos is 03 business days. This is the most cost-effective option.
  • Urgent Services: If your timetable is very tight, we can accommodate you. With this option, you can acquire an eVisa after it has been processed for 48 business hours.
  • Super Urgent Services: These customers receive the quickest response time possible. If you are willing to pay an additional fee, you can expect to acquire a Laos visa after 24 business hours.

You have two available to you in terms of the manner of payment for Laos eVisa fees: you can either send a wire transfer to the Bank of Cyprus or use an electronic payment service such as PayPal, Visa, Master Card, or American Express.

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We hope that this article provides you with valuable information regarding applying for a Laos visa for Filipino citizens. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us so that we can provide you with prompt support.

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