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Laos e-Visa requirements for Dutch citizens

Updated: January 25, 2024

Laos, a small landlocked country in Southeast Asia, is still mostly unknown to the rest of the globe! Laos has stunning places that are frequently surrounded by a gloss of rustic charm, a natural environment, and intact medieval communities. Laos' scenery is adorned by the majestic Mekong River and undulating hills dotted with deep caverns. 

To travel to Laos from Netherlands, you must first get a Laos e-Visa.

Laos e visa for Dutch citizens

Laos e visa for Dutch citizens

This eVisa will enable you to enter Laos without difficulty. You will save time and effort by not having to stand in a large queue for a visa on arrival. When you apply with Global Visa Services, you may acquire your Laos eVisa immediately. We have been assisting our clients in obtaining their eVisas for a long time, and our customers are really satisfied with our services.

You can check the Laos eVisa requirements for Dutch citizens by reading this article

1. Main Features of the Laotian eVisa for Dutch citizens:

Do Dutch citizens need a visa?

Yes, Dutch citizens are required to get a visa before entering Laos. Holland is one of the nations approved by the Laotian government for visa issuing both online and on arrival.

What is a Laos e-visa for Dutch citizens?

The Laos eVisa for Dutch nationals is an electronic visa that permits Dutch people to enter Laos for tourism, or casual visits to their relatives. 

Before traveling to Laos for tourist or business, Dutch residents should apply for an eVisa Laos online. The Laos tourist visa is available to Dutch passport holders, allowing for a 30-day stay with a single entry.

It is also a single-entry visa, which means that if a person departs and desires to return, they must apply for a new visa.

Dutch citizens who desire to stay in Laos for more than 30 days or for purposes other than tourism must apply for a different type of Laos visa. Other visas must be obtained through a Laos embassy in the Netherlands

Laos E-visas can be utilized to enter the country through the following ports:

  • Wattay International Airport (Vientiane Capital)
  • Lao – Thai Friendship Bridge I (Vientiane Capital)
  • Luang Prabang International Airport (Luang Prabang)
  • Lao – Thai Friendship Bridge II (Savannakhet Province)
  • Pakse International Airport (Champasack Province)

2. Laos e-visa requirements for Dutch citizens:

Laos e visa requirements for Dutch citizens

Laos e visa requirements for Dutch citizens

When applying for a Laos visa from the Netherlands, you are required to present the following documentation:

  • A passport-style digital photograph. It should adhere to the passport photo criteria.
  • A passport that is valid for at least 6 months. There should be at least 2 blank pages for stamping by the Immigration Officer.
  • Passport Scan: You’ll need to possess a scan of the passport’s biographical page for your e-Visa application
  • E-mail address - When you apply for a Laos visa online, your visa will be issued to you through e-mail, so enter a valid e-mail address to which you have access.
  • Payment options - Global Visa Services accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit or debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Amex, or wire transfers to a Cyprus bank account

3. How to apply for a Laos visa online from the Netherlands:

The Laos e-Visa application is available to Dutch nationals. To get a Laos visa for Dutch citizens, there is no need to visit the embassy or stand in line. Everything is straightforward and safe thanks to the online method.

To apply for a Laos e-Visa from the Netherlands, follow these three simple steps:

  • The first will require you to fill in the application form with your personal information such as complete name, address, e-mail, date of birth, passport information, and so on. At this point, you must decide on the kind of visa and the processing period. Bear in mind that the Laos e-visa fee is determined by these considerations.
  • The second step of the Dutch application consists of a revision and payment. The value of having accurate information cannot be overstated. Following processing, the fee is non-refundable, and no changes may be made.

Applying for a Laos e visa for Dutch citizens

Applying for a Laos e visa for Dutch citizens

  • The final steps: After completing step 2, please check your email for your confirmed details, and we will notify you when your Laos e-Visa will be ready.

If part of the information supplied is incorrect, our agents will contact the applicant through email to acquire the updated and right information. Once all of the relevant papers are entered into the form and payment is made with a valid credit or debit card, the visa application will be processed. The result is delivered to the email address supplied within 1 to 3 days.

Dutch citizens should print the visa and bring it with them to Laos, since it will be required at the entrance port or airport, together with the original passport.

4. Laos e-visa fees for Dutch citizens:

While applying for a visa, Dutch residents are required to pay the visa processing fees online with a debit or credit card. The Laos e-visa fees depend on the type of processing time you choose.

Online visa applications are often less costly than embassy applications. We offer three processing times for citizens of the Netherlands:

  • Normal: Most tourists choose this choice because of its cheap price, however, you must wait an average of 3 Business Days. 
  • Urgent: You will obtain your Laos eVisa in about 2 business days.
  • Super urgent: If you need your Laos eVisa in 1 business day, this is the choice for you.

Is Travel Insurance Mandatory for Laos?

Although Laos does not require tourists to have travel insurance, it is strongly advised that all visitors acquire coverage for their stay in this picturesque nation. Laos travel insurance is intended to protect tourists against a number of unexpected expenses, such as those incurred due to airline delays, baggage loss, or illnesses or injuries that may necessitate medical treatment while overseas.

Most Laos travel insurance policies provide travel medical coverage, ranging from standalone travel medical plans to comprehensive plans that incorporate additional travel-related protection. While many domestic health insurance companies do not extend their coverage to include treatment or medication in another country, travel health insurance for Laos may assist to address any gaps in coverage left by your home health plan. This is not to mention having Travel Insurance may increase your chance of visa application issued by the Government easier.

5. Why should I trust Global Visa Services?

Yes, Global Visa Services is a reputable company with a large customer base. We provide beneficial services for obtaining travel papers such as a Laos e-Visa quickly and easily.

If you have any further questions about Laos eVisa, please visit our website and read more information and reviews left by our valued customers.

Apply for a Laos eVisa with Global Visa Services today and go to your ideal location.


  1. Yes, Dutch citizens require a visa before they can enter Laos. If you are a Dutch citizen planning to travel to Laos, you must apply for a visa. You can also apply for a visa online through the Global Visa Services website.

    Visitors from the Netherlands may now apply for a Laos visa online from their homes by simply filling out the online visa application form and attaching the necessary papers. The application process for a Laos e-visa is straightforward and quick. It takes around 20 minutes, and a response to the visa application is usually received within three business days.

    Before visiting Laos for vacation or business, Dutch citizens should apply for an eVisa Laos online. The Laos visa may be obtained on arrival. However, it only allows for a 30-day stay (which can be extended for an extra 30 days for a charge).

    Tourists should carefully check the visa requirements before applying for a visa. We encourage customers to apply a few days in advance to avoid errors that can be corrected in time

  2. Yes, Dutch citizens can travel to Laos. However, you need to apply for a Laos visa. Currently, you can apply for a visa online through our website.

    The Laos eVisa system makes visa applications from the Netherlands more accessible. It merely takes a few minutes to apply, and most Indians receive their approved visa by email within one to three business days.

    Dutch passport holders who do not fulfill Laos’s eVisa standards require a different visa form. Religious, official, employment, and journalist visas are also available in Laos.

    To be eligible for each type of visa, Dutch citizens must satisfy particular conditions. In each case, the circumstances and period of stay differ.

    Here are some additional things to keep in mind when traveling to Laos:

    • Laos' official currency is the kip. Euros may be exchanged for kip at the border or Laos banks.
    • Laos and the Netherlands have a 6-hour time difference. The Netherlands is 6 hours ahead of Laos.
    • Laos has a voltage of 220 volts. You will require a travel adaptor to use your electrical gadgets in Laos.
    • Although Lao is the official language of Laos, English is extensively used in tourist regions.
    • Laos is a generally secure nation. However, you should constantly be mindful of your surroundings and take measures against petty crime.
  3. Yes, Dutch citizens can go to Laos via plane. There are no direct flights from the Netherlands to Laos, but there are connecting flights from a number of Dutch airports, including Amsterdam Schiphol, Eindhoven, and Rotterdam The Hague.

    The most popular airlines that fly to Laos from the Netherlands are:

    • Thai Airways
    • Vietnam Airlines
    • Singapore Airlines
    • AirAsia
    • Malaysia Airlines

    The flight time from the Netherlands to Laos varies based on the airline and route, but it usually takes between 12 and 15 hours.

    The following are some of the most popular airports in Laos to which Dutch nationals may travel:

    • Wattay International Airport (Vientiane).
    • Luang Prabang International Airport.
    • Pakse International Airport.
  4. You can go tubing in Vang Vieng in two main areas: the Nam Song River and the Xe Bang Fai River.

    • Nam Song River: This is Vang Vieng's most popular tubing location. Because the river is quite tranquil, it is an excellent choice for first-time tubers. Along the river, there are a variety of taverns and restaurants where you may stop for refreshments.
    • Xe Bang Fai River: This river is more complex than the Nam Song River but also more beautiful. The Xe Bang Fai River contains a lot of caverns and waterfalls that you may explore while floating down the river.

    No matter which river you choose, tubing in Vang Vieng is a great way to see the area's beautiful scenery and have some fun in the sun.

    Here are some tips for tubing in Vang Vieng:

    • Start early: Tubing is best done early in the morning when the river is less busy and the water is more relaxed.
    • Wear a life jacket: This is important for safety, especially if you are not a strong swimmer.
    • Be aware of your surroundings: The river has a variety of pebbles and branches, so don't knock your head.
    • Don't drink too much alcohol: It is important to stay hydrated, but it is also essential to be aware of your surroundings.
    • Have fun! Tubing is a great way to relax and enjoy the scenery.
  5. Yes, you can pay with euros in Laos. However, the exchange rate will almost certainly be lower than if you paid in kip. The kip is Laos' official currency. However, euros are often accepted in tourist regions. You may obtain a better exchange rate if you convert your euros for a kip at a bank or money exchange bureau. However, most stores and restaurants accept euros.

    Here are some places where you can pay with euros in Laos:

    • Hotels: The majority of hotels in Laos accept euros. They may, however, offer you a lower conversion rate than if you used the local currency.
    • Restaurants: Many Laotian eateries take euros. They may, however, offer you a lower conversion rate than if you used the local currency.
    • Shops: In Laos, several stores take euros. They may, however, offer you a lower conversion rate than if you used the local currency.

    It is always a good idea to ask before you pay with euros, as some businesses may not accept them.

  6. Vang Vieng used to be known as a party town, but it has cleaned up its act in recent years. There are still a few pubs and clubs in town, but the emphasis has shifted to outdoor activities like tubing, kayaking, and rock climbing.

    Vang Vieng, on the other hand, remains a popular tourist destination with plenty of things to do. Here are some of the activities available in Vang Vieng.

    • Tubing: This is Vang Vieng's most popular activity. You float down the Nam Song River on an inner tube, stopping at pubs and restaurants.
    • Rock climbing: There are several rock climbing areas around Vang Vieng. This is a terrific way to get some workouts while still enjoying the view.
    • Hiking: There are a variety of hiking paths in the region, ranging from simple to complex. This is an excellent approach to appreciating the region's natural splendor.

    You may also visit some of the communities in the surrounding region for a more leisurely experience. These villages provide an excellent opportunity to learn about Laotian culture.

    Finally, whether Vang Vieng is still a party town is determined by your definition. Vang Vieng is not your place if you want to party all night. However, if you're searching for a spot to relax and enjoy outdoor activities, Vang Vieng is a terrific choice.

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