Laos e visa requirements for Malagasy citizens

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And what are the country's hidden treasures? We will assist you in clarifying the names of the top attractive spots in Laos, which may be really useful for your forthcoming Laos visit.

Malagasy citizens require a visa to enter Laos

Malagasy citizens require a visa to enter Laos

Malagasy citizens planning to visit the lovely country of Laos must verify they have the necessary travel authorization to enter the country.

Fortunately, obtaining a Laos e visa for Malagasy citizens to enter this Asian country is relatively simple. You can submit your application online and obtain your travel authorization quickly, ensuring your trip plans are not disrupted.

This page explains the Laos visa requirements for Malagasy citizens and how to apply for a visa online.

1. Do Malagasy citizens Need an eVisa for Laos?

Yes, Malagasy citizens require a visa to enter Laos. The Laos government provides a variety of Laos tourist visas dependent on the purpose of the trip. In addition, transit visas for short layovers in Laos are available.

On the other hand, Malagasy citizens visiting Laos for tourism are among the nationalities eligible to apply for a Laos e-Visa online.

All other types of travel, such as studying or working in Laos, require a standard visa obtained through a Laos embassy in Madagascar

2. What is a Laos visa for Malagasy citizens?

A variety of foreign nationalities can now apply for a visa to Laos solely online, eliminating the requirement to visit an embassy or consulate in person to submit a visa application. The Lao People's Democratic Republic implemented the Laos eVisa to improve tourism admission into the nation.

The Laos e-Visa is an electronic travel permit that allows Malagasy citizens to stay for a maximum of 30 days for tourism purposes. This Single-entry visa is only valid for 60 days after it is issued.

3. Laos e-visa requirements for Malagasy citizens:

Laos e-visa requirements for Malagasy citizens

Laos e-visa requirements for Malagasy citizens

For Malagasy nationals, the Laos government enforces many Laos e-Visa requirements.

These requirements are as follows:

  • Valid passport - Your Malagasy passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the arrival date.
  • Travel itinerary
  • Proof of Accommodation - Demonstrate that you have a place to stay in Laos.
  • Passport Personal Details Scan - 6 months validity from your trip's start date and a detailed bio page scan from your passport for application.
  • Please have a passport photo ready to send with your visa application.
  • An actual email address where you can get application updates.
  • A payment method, such as a credit or debit card, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Amex, or wire transfer to a Bank account

If the passport is due to expire, Malagasy citizens must obtain a new one before applying.

Please keep in mind that the Laos e-Visa application form is electronically linked to the passport number. The e-visa request will be denied if the information does not match.

Any Madagasy applicant who is a dual national must travel to Laos using the same passport used to apply for the e-Visa.

4. How to apply for a Laos visa online from Madagascar:

The process of applying for a Laos e-visa departing from Madagascar can be initiated once the applicant meets all the required requirements.

Malagasy nationals must fill out the application and provide personal information such as their name, date of birth, and country of citizenship. Passport information, including passport number, issuance, and expiration date, is also requested.

The e-visa process to enter Laos can be completed quickly on any mobile device (phone, tablet, computer).

Applying for a Laos visa online from Madagascar takes less than 15 minutes from start to finish and can be done anywhere in the world.

  • Step 1: Fill in your basic information. Then, from the options shown above, select the processing time.
  • Step 2: Step one should be revised, and the payment should be made.
  • Step 3: After completing step 2, you should check your email for your confirmed details, and we will notify you when your Laos e-Visa will be ready.
  • Step 4: Get your visa stamped into your passport on arrival

How long does it take to get a Laos visa from Madagascar?

The normal processing period for a Laos e-Visa is up to 72 hours. On the other hand, Bahraini passengers are recommended to apply at least 24 hours before departure.

To achieve a rapid Laos eVisa processing time, Malagasy citizens should double-check that all of the information they supplied in the application form is correct and accurate.

5. Laos e-visa fees for Malagasy citizens:

Laos e-visa fees for Malagasy citizens

Laos e-visa fees for Malagasy citizens

The cost of a visa to Laos for Malagasy citizens varies depending on the processing times required. Electronic visas are typically less expensive than embassy-issued visas.

You can examine the processing choices at to see how fast you want it.

  • Normal: Your application will usually be granted within three business days.
  • Urgent: Your application will usually be granted within two business days.
  • Super Rush Processing: Your application will usually be granted within one business day.

In addition, we recommend that you should have Laos travel insurance. Travel insurance is intended to safeguard against dangers and financial losses that may occur when traveling. The dangers vary from little inconveniences like missed airplane connections and delayed luggage to more serious ones like injury or serious sickness.

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