Laos e-Visa requirements for Kenyan citizens

Laos is a Southeast Asian country bordered by Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The sights here are a cross between the two countries: forests and mountains, secret waterfalls, and strange Buddhist monasteries.

Although Laos is not a popular tourist destination, there are many intriguing things to see and do in cities such as Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, and Vientiane.

Laos e visa for Kenyan citizens

Laos e visa for Kenyan citizens

To enter Laos without difficulty, all visitors from Kenya must have a Laos e-Visa. You don't have one yet? Don't be concerned if the answer is no. You can apply for it from the comfort of your own home in Global Visa Services.

Would you like to learn more about the Laos eVisa requirements for Kenyan citizens? You only have to continue reading our article.

1. Does Kenyan Need a Visa for Laos?

Yes, even for short stays, Kenyan citizens require a visa to enter Laos.

Tourists from Kenya can apply for a Laos visa online. They must meet all of the Laos eVisa requirements to be eligible.

Laos's e-Visa application is entirely online. Kenyan passport holders electronically complete the application form and obtain the approved visa by email.

The Laos eVisa for Kenyan citizens is a single entry visa that allows you to stay in the country for up to 30 days at a time.

2. What is a Laos visa for Kenyan citizens?

The Laos e-Visa is an official electronic visa that allows Kenyans unfettered admission into the country for tourism purposes. This Single Entry document permits you to travel across the country for a maximum of 30 days per Entry within 60 days of the date of issue.

Kenyan residents can receive expedited entrance to Laos through the country's seven recognized ports of entry:

  • Boten International Checkpoint
  • Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge I
  • Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge II
  • Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge IV
  • Luang Prabang International Airport
  • Pakse International Airport
  • Wattay International Airport

3. Laos e-visa requirements for Kenyan citizens:

Laos e visa requirements for Kenyan citizens

Laos e visa requirements for Kenyan citizens

You will be unable to apply for a Laos e-Visa unless you have all of the required papers. You should not, however, struggle to gather everything together. This is what you require:

  • Kenyan passport must be valid for at least 180 days after arrival in Laos.
  • The passport must have at least 2 blank pages.
  • Two images with a white background.
  • Provide digital copies of their passport information page and personal identification photo.
  • Email address where notifications and the approved e-Visa will be provided.
  • Means of payment –Global Visa Services accepts methods of payment (credit or debit card, Paypal, Master Card, Visa, or wire transfer to the Bank of Cyprus).

Kenyan digitally submit all documents and information, including a copy of their passport and a passport-style photograph. This can be done at the time of application or after it has been submitted.

4. How to apply for a Laos visa online from Kenya:

Kenyan nationals are eligible to apply for a Laos e-Visa if they meet the Laos government's requirements. They must fill out a brief online questionnaire that includes normal questions about their vacation intentions, personal information, and passport information.

The e-Visa application can be completed in a matter of minutes. To begin the application, Kenyans must confirm their registration and supply the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport information

Kenyan candidates should double-check their information before submitting the form since errors or typos cannot be remedied and may result in the denial of their visa application.

The e-Visa application process is completed by uploading digital copies of the passport's biographical page and ID photo, as well as paying the processing cost.

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Processing times of the Laos eVisa for Kenyan citizens

It only takes a few minutes to apply for a Laos e-Visa from Kenya. The application form is straightforward to complete, with only a few basic details requested.

After that, use your Visa, PayPal, or debit or credit card to pay the visa service charge. You will receive an email with a comprehensive guide to assist you with the remaining steps of the application process as soon as your money has been received.

The processing of electronic visas is also quick. Most Kenyan acquire their Laos eVisa approval between 1 to 3 business days.

You will receive an email confirming your visa status if your application is approved. The eVisa for Laos will automatically link to the passport of your Kenyan holder. Recall that Kenyan travelers must enter Laos with the same passport that they used to submit their petition.

5. Laos e-visa fees for Kenyan citizens:

Laos e visa fees for Kenyan citizens

Laos e visa fees for Kenyan citizens

The Laos e-visa fees for applying for a visa online are determined by the processing speed chosen. We provide three processing speeds at Global Visa Services. Choose one based on how soon you need your e-Visa.

  • Normal is the most affordable and widely used option. In terms of how long you must wait for your application to be completed, your Laos e-visa takes 72 hours.
  • Rush processing time - this option is significantly faster than the first. Your Laos e-visa will arrive in only 48 hours. As you can anticipate, you'll have to pay more this time.
  • Super Rush processing time - this is the quickest option offered by Global Visa Services. If the airport is large enough, you can apply on your way to the gate. Your application will be processed in 24 hours.

In addition, we recommend that you should buy Laos travel insurance. Laos travel insurance can assist you in navigating challenging situations:

  • Medical attention in an emergency. When you require emergency hospital, ambulance, or dental care, travel insurance can come in handy.
  • Document theft or loss. If your documents or cards are lost or stolen, insurance specialists can assist you in contacting the Laos embassy or your banking institution.
  • Translation services. If you don't speak the language of the country you're visiting, multilingual interpreters can help. These interpreters can assist you in communicating with local resources in an emergency.
  • Trip interruption. Travel insurance can assist you in arranging your return home if you are forced to cut your holiday short due to a medical emergency.

6. Is Global Visa Services very safe?

It is as safe as possible and more because we work with a 100% automated and safeguarded system. Plus, we always make sure that our platform is working correctly so that your information is not in danger. We do not share any private details with anyone, and we always inform you about the things we do through our customer service or our website.


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