Laos e-Visa requirements for Hungarian citizens

Laos is a lively and captivating country with much more to offer than history and culture. Laos, Southeast Asia's only landlocked country, is endowed with amazing vistas and different terrains, and the tropical climate provides the ideal environment for mountain, cave, and aquatic experiences all year.

If you are going from Hungary, it is extremely simple to visit Laos. To get entry into Laos, you will need to apply for a Laos e-Visa.

You can get a Laos visa for Hungarian citizens fast and easily by associating with Global Visa Services. We realize how tough it is for you to apply for an eVisa while still carrying out your everyday responsibilities. As a result, we provide our low-cost visa services to all of our customers so that they may fully enjoy their holiday.

You can learn Laos e-visa requirements for Hungarian citizens by reading the following information

Laos e visa for Hungarian citizens

Laos e visa for Hungarian citizens

1. Information about the Laos e-visa for Hungarian citizens:

Visitors from Hungary will need to get a visa before entering Laos. A visa to Laos from Hungary can be obtained in a variety of ways. Among these alternatives are:

  • Applying for an eVisa online
  • A trip to the Laotian embassy
  • Obtaining a visa on arrival.

The online e-Visa is one of the simplest and fastest ways for Hungarian citizens to prepare to visit Laos.

The Laos government officially released The E-Visa Laos in July 2019, which is an electronic travel permission that allows people from 152 qualified countries to apply online.

The Laos Tourist eVisa for Hungarian citizens is an official electronic travel authorization that makes acquiring a visa to visit this lovely nation easier.

You can visit Laos for tourism purposes and remain for up to 30 days with this visa. Laos eVisas can be obtained online for a single-entry visit to the nation. Remember that this e-visa is only valid for 60 days. If your e-visa is about to expire, please apply for a brand new e-visa. 

When you arrive in the nation, you must show the border officials your valid Laos visa. The online visa for Laos should help to enhance immigration procedures and border security.

Lao e-Visa is valid for entry into five international ports: Wattay International Airport (Vientiane)

  • Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge I (Vientiane)
  • Luang Prabang International Airport (Luang Prabang)
  • Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge II (Savannakhet)
  • Pakse International Airport (Champasak)

2. Laos e-visa requirements for Hungarian citizens:

Global Visa Services will request some information and documents to process your application. You only need to provide a few documents before the application process. Here is a list of Laos e-visa requirements for Hungarian citizens:

  • A passport issued by the Hungary government with at least 6 months remaining validity from the date of entry (applicant must submit copies of bio and cover pages). The passport has at least two blank pages for visa stamping. 
  • A scanned copy of the biographical page with full information. 
  • A passport digital photo that fits specific requirements, such as being 46 cm in size and taken within the recent six months.
  • Valid email address: Electronic visas are digitally connected to passports, and the visa given by Global Visa Services will be as well. You must still print a copy prior to departure, which is why Global Visa Services will give you one by e-mail in PDF format.
  • Mode of payment – before submitting the application, you will be asked to pay the service fee using a credit or debit card, but Amex, Paypal, Visa, and Master cards 

If any of the above standards are not met, it will be necessary to visit an embassy.

Laos e visa requirements for Hungarian citizens

Laos e visa requirements for Hungarian citizens

3. How to apply for a Laos visa online from Hungary:

To apply for a Laos visa online, you must complete an uncomplicated online application procedure. Check that you have a valid passport and begin your application by following the step-by-step instructions. There are a few questions about your personal and travel details.

Hungarian travelers can get a Laos visa in 3 steps:

Step 1: Fill out a Laos visa application form with your personal information (including your name and D.O.B), visa types, and trip plans. You must offer your email address and attach the required papers such as the first page of your passport and pictures.

Step 2: Choose the most convenient online payment ways to pay your visa cost. When you pay the cost, you will be given a unique application number. Check your email for payment confirmation.

Step 3: Wait for the Laos visa acceptance letter to arrive in your inbox. The processing time might range between 24 and 72 hours. Please keep in mind that visas for Laos are being granted by the Laotian government, therefore the final approval time may be extended if necessary.

Take note of the information you provide in the form. Verify the completed data again because even little errors might cause application delays or rejection.

4. Laos e-visa fees for Hungarian citizens:

The Laos e-visa fees are determined by the processing time option you select for your application, as well as the kind of visa. Global Visa Services provide you with three possibilities from which to choose the one that is most convenient for you. These are listed below:

  • Normal3 days: Because it is less expensive, many Hungarians prefer this choice.
  • Urgent2 days: This choice is more expensive than the preceding one
  • Super urgent1 day: You will have your visa in just 24 hours, which is why the fee is higher.

In addition, we recommend that you should have Laos travel insurance. Travel insurance protects you against accidents or diseases that may occur when traveling overseas, as well as from accidents that may occur while traveling inside Laos. Whether you travel for pleasure or work, alone or in a group, for a few days or many months, we have solutions that are tailored to your circumstances and needs.

5. Can I trust Global Visa Services?

Without a doubt! We work hard every day to ensure that every one of our clients has a positive experience, and with our lengthy history, they can speak for themselves. You can input our customer reviews so that you can take the next step and join up for the vacation of a lifetime to Laos.

Is there a question that is bugging you about your Laos e-visa for Hungarian citizens? Don't be concerned! Our excellent customer care staff will assist you in resolving the issue. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so if you wake up at midnight or early in the morning thinking about your vacation, please contact us through our website.

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