Laos e-Visa for Comoran citizens - Requirements and Fees

If you’re looking for a trip to Southeast Asia, Laos may be the ideal place. You will need to check the Laos visa policy for all the details about the entry requirements you must fulfill.

You will definitely need a visa to enter Laos. However, we can confirm that the Laos Government requires a tourist visa for all nationalities (including Comoros residents).

Continue learning all about the Laos e-Visa for Comoran citizens policy for smooth entry to this country.

Laos eVisa for Comoran citizens

Laos eVisa for Comoran citizens

1. Laos visa for Comoran citizens

Does a visa for Laos need to be obtained by citizens of Comoros?

Most people from other countries need a visa to enter Laos. Visa-free travel to Laos is restricted to a small number of Asian countries.

Visitors from the majority of countries all over the world need a visa in addition to a valid passport to enter Laos.

As such, Coromoran nationals needing a visa to enter Laos can do so by visiting their country's Laos embassy. If you need your visa quickly, the eVisa for Laos is your best bet.

What is the validity of a Laos eVisa for Comoran citizens?

The Laos e-Visa for Comoran citizens can only be used once within the first 60 days after it has been issued. Visitors with a valid single-entry visa are permitted to remain in the country for up to 30 days. Whether or not the 30 days are utilized, the visa is null and void as soon as the visitor departs Laos.

A new Laos visa application will be required for Comoran citizens who intend to leave the country and then return. As a traditional option, Comoran nationals can visit the Laos Embassy or Consulate in Comoros to apply in person for a conventional visa. However, there are a few things that could be improved with this option for various reasons.

For the reason that in certain states only a small number of diplomatic missions exist, while in others none exist at all. The processing period for in-person visa applications might be lengthy and complex.

2. Check Laos visa requirements for Comoran citizens

To receive your electronic visa (eVisa) through email as a Cormoran citizen traveling to Laos, you must first check that you have fulfilled all of the visa requirements.

  • To enter the country legally, you need a passport valid for at least six months beyond your planned departure date, along with two blank pages in your passport.
  • Although a round-trip ticket is not typically required for air travel, we do ask that passengers furnish us with their itinerary just in case.
  • Admission ticket, and photo that meets e-Visa photo standards.
  • Please confirm that your passport was stamped upon entry and that the date it was issued is the same as the current date.

Requirements of Laos eVisa for Comoran citizens

Requirements of Laos eVisa for Comoran citizens

3. How to apply for Laos eVisa from Comoros?

When all the requirements mentioned above for a Laos eVisa have been met. Those who are citizens of Comoros and are in need of a Laos e-Visa can now access the online application. It is important to note that anyone entering Laos is required to present a copy of their visa at the airport or port of entry.

Information about each passenger will be confirmed against a secure database to eliminate potential security risks. Information includes:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Plan your trip, including the dates of departure and arrival.

The duration of time needed to process a Laos e-Visa is three business days. The applicant's application will be more likely to be accepted if the applicant provides reasonable and pertinent answers to the questions posed.

Before submitting the online form for a Laos visa application, Comoran citizens must pay the Laos visa fee. The visa fee for Comoran nationals will appear when you select your country of origin on the form.

The e-Visa fee can be paid with a credit or debit card.

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Apply for Laos eVisa from Comoros

Apply for Laos eVisa from Comoros

4. Laos eVisa fees for Comoran citizens

For citizens of Comoro, the following visa fee classes have to pay: The Government Fee and The Service Fee.

Government fees must be paid to the Laos Immigration Department in order to receive your visa. The cost of an e-Visa application will be shouldered by the applicant. If you want to make any changes to your application after you've already filed it, you'll have to pay The Government Fees again. You will only get your money back if your application is allowed.

Our visitors from Comoros are obliged to pay The Service Fees in exchange for our assistance during the application process, delivery of necessary documents, application verification, and notification of the application's conclusion. You can choose from three different Laos e-Visa processing times provided by Global Visa Services:

  • Normal Service: Tourist visas for Laos can be provided to Comoran citizens in roughly 03 business days. Given the inexpensive cost, the great majority of holidaymakers choose this service.
  • Urgent Service: If Comoran residents have no time. This option allows them to obtain an e-Visa after 02 business days to process.
  • Super Urgent Services: If nationals of Comoros do not have time to prepare, they should use this service. Travelers may anticipate getting their Laos visa within 01 business day after paying an extra cost.

Comorans have 02 options for paying the Laos e-Visa Fees: bank transfer to the Bank of Cyprus or electronic payment using PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

Travel Insurance: Your trip to Laos would be incomplete without purchasing travel insurance. Having peace of mind in the event of an emergency while in Laos is greatly enhanced by purchasing travel insurance. Additionally, please note that this is completely voluntary.

The cost of Laos eVisa for Comoran citizens

The cost of Laos eVisa for Comoran citizens

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