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Malaysia Visa Requirements for Lithuania Citizens

Updated: May 30, 2024

Malaysia, a Southeast Asian gem, offers a blend of modern urban landscapes and natural wonders, from bustling cities to serene beaches and rainforests. Lithuanian citizens looking to experience the diverse attractions of Malaysia can now do so with ease, thanks to the Malaysian Government's electronic visa system introduced in 2017. This guide will walk you through the Malaysia e-Visa requirements for Lithuania citizens, the application process, necessary documents, and visa fees.

Malaysia Visa Requirements For Lithuania Citizens

What is a Malaysia Electronic Visa?

The Malaysia Electronic Visa (eVisa) is an official document that permits Lithuanian citizens to enter Malaysia for tourism, business, or short-term educational purposes. The eVisa is entirely processed online, eliminating the need for embassy visits.

The Malaysia eVisa for Lithuanian nationals is valid for 03 months, allowing a single entry with a stay of up to 30 days. There are different eVisa types based on your visit's purpose:

  • Tourist eVisa: For social visits and tourism.
  • Student eVisa: For those intending to study in Malaysia.
  • Expatriate eVisa: For professionals working in Malaysia.
  • Medical eVisa: For those seeking medical treatment in Malaysia.

Can Lithuania Citizens Apply for a Malaysia Visa Online?

Yes, Lithuania is among the countries eligible for a Malaysia eVisa, meaning Lithuania passport holders can apply for it online. The application is straightforward and can be completed on the Global Visa Corp website.

Lithuanian citizens must have a visa before going to Malaysia

Lithuanian citizens must have a visa before going to Malaysia

Required Documents for Malaysia Visa Applications

Lithuania citizens must provide the following documents for a Malaysia eVisa application:

  • Passport: A clear scan of the passport’s biographical page. The passport must be valid for at least six months from the entry date into Malaysia and have two blank pages.
  • Recent Passport-Sized Photograph: A color photograph with a white background. Any size is acceptable.
  • A return flight ticket.
  • Additional Documents: Depending on the visit's purpose, additional documents may be required. Regularly check your email for updates on any further documents needed.
  • For minors, a birth certificate is necessary.

Note that eVisa requirements may change, so always check the Global Visa Corp official website for the latest information.

How to Apply for a Malaysia Visa Online For Lithuania Citizens?

Applying for a Malaysia eVisa is a quick and easy online process:

  1. Fill out the online application form with details such as arrival date, processing time, visa type, email address, phone number, full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, and passport number.
  2. Pay the eVisa fees online. Payment methods include credit card, debit card, PayPal, or American Express.
  3. Send us clear scanned copies of necessary supporting documents, including your passport, photograph, flight itinerary, and any additional documents for your visit type.
  4. Track your application status online and wait for approval, which typically takes 5-7 business days. Print the eVisa and carry it with you when traveling to Malaysia.

Straightforward steps to apply for an eVisa

Straightforward steps to apply for an eVisa

Malaysia e-Visa Services for Lithuania Citizens

Global Visa Corp offers three types of visa services for Lithuania passport holders:

  • Standard service: Receive your visa within 05 - 07 business days.
  • Urgent service: Get your visa in 02 business days for an extra fee.
  • Super urgent service: Obtain your visa in 01 business day for an additional charge.

The total fee depends on the processing time, the number of applicants, and the requested entries (single or multiple).

Planning Your Visit to Malaysia

Lithuanian citizens can explore Malaysia's vibrant cities, islands, and highlands with an e-Visa. Here are some must-visit destinations:

  • Kuala Lumpur: The capital city, known for the Petronas Twin Towers.
  • Langkawi Island: Famous for its picturesque beaches and clear waters.
  • Borneo Island: Home to unique wildlife, including orangutans and leopards.
  • Penang: A cultural melting pot with diverse architecture and cuisine.
  • Cameron Highlands: Renowned for its tea plantations and cool climate.
  • Malacca City: A historic city with a rich colonial past.

When it comes to food, Lithuanian citizens might find Malaysian cuisine quite different but equally delightful. However, be mindful of dietary preferences, health conditions, or religious beliefs when trying local dishes. Enjoy the culinary diversity but be cautious with spicy foods, street snacks, and allergens.

In conclusion, the Malaysia e-Visa system simplifies the travel process for Lithuania citizens. By following the requirements and applying in advance, you can ensure a smooth journey to Malaysia. Plan your trip, apply for your e-Visa through Global Visa Corp, and prepare for an unforgettable Malaysian adventure.

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