Malaysia Visa Requirements for Austria Citizens

Updated: January 10, 2024

Do you want to visit Malaysia? Malaysia is a very different and beautiful country from Austria. It is in Asia, not in Europe. Malaysia is near a line that divides the Earth into two halves. This line is called the equator. Malaysia is always hot and sunny because of the equator. Malaysia has many things to see and do. You can see very tall buildings, nice beaches, green forests, and yummy food.

If you are from Austria, you need a Malaysia e-Visa for Austria Citizens to go to Malaysia. This is a paper that lets you go into Malaysia and stay there for some days. You can get this paper online. You don’t have to go to a special office or wait for a long time. You just need a passport, a photo of yourself, and a card to pay. Getting a Malaysia e-Visa for Austria Citizens is easy and fast.

What is Malaysia e-Visa?

A Malaysia e-Visa allows Austria people to visit Malaysia much more easily. Instead of filling out many paper forms and waiting in long lines at the embassy, Austria citizens can apply on the computer in 15 minutes. After only 5-7 business days, you will get an email saying if your e-Visa was approved or not.

The e-visa is valid for 3 months from the issue date and allows you to stay in Malaysia for 30 days per visit. There are 4 types of Malaysian e-Visas:

  • Tourist e-Visa - For vacations in Malaysia to see attractions
  • Student e-Visa - For studying at a Malaysian school
  • Expatriate e-Visa - For Austria citizens moving to Malaysia for work
  • Medical e-Visa - For traveling to Malaysia to get medical treatment

Type of Malaysia e-visa for Austria citizens

Type of Malaysia e-visa for Austria citizens

Benefits of Malaysia e-Visa

The Malaysia e-Visa makes visiting from Austria much more convenient:

  • Apply online in 15 minutes instead of paperwork
  • Get approval in just 5-7 business days instead of 4 weeks or more
  • Valid for 3 months from when it was issued
  • Digital documents are easy to carry on a phone or tablet when traveling
  • Cheaper fees than old-fashioned paper tourist visas

Malaysia e-Visa Requirements for Austria

To apply for the Malaysia e-Visa, Austria citizens need:

  • Austria passport valid for at least 6 months from the issued date
  • Passport photo with a plain white background
  • Return flight ticket showing you will exit Malaysia
  • Additional documents depending on your visit reason

Malaysia e-Visa Requirements for Austria citizens

Malaysia e-Visa Requirements for Austria citizens

How Austria Citizens Can Apply for Malaysia e-Visa

Applying for the Malaysia e-Visa takes only 4 steps:

Step 1: Fill Out the Online Application Form

Go to GVC and fill out the short online form. You will need to provide:

  • Your full name
  • Birthdate
  • Austria passport number and expiration date
  • Email address and phone number
  • The date you will arrive in Malaysia

Step 2: Send Supporting Documents

Email clear scans or photos of:

  • Photo page of your Austria passport
  • Standard passport photo of you
  • Flight itinerary showing your exit ticket out of Malaysia
  • Any other necessary documents

Step 3: Make Online Payment

Pay visa fees securely by:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card like Visa or Mastercard
  • Debit card with the Visa or Mastercard logo
  • American Express

Step 4: Receive e-Visa Approval Email

You will get an official email from GVC in 5-7 business days saying if your Malaysia e-Visa was approved or not. If approved, print it out to carry just in case.

Steps to apply for Malaysia e-visa for Austria citizens

Steps to apply for Malaysia e-visa for Austria citizens

Malaysia e-Visa Fees for Austria Citizens

GVC offers 3 processing options. Faster service has higher fees:

  • Standard - 7 business days
  • Urgent - 2 business days
  • Super Urgent - 1 business day

Final visa fees depend on the following:

  • Your chosen processing time
  • Number of people applying together
  • Single entry or multiple entry visa


Are you ready to go to Malaysia? Malaysia is a country that you will love. It is not hard to go there from Austria. You just need a Malaysia e-Visa for Austria Citizens. You don’t have to wait in line or fill out many forms. You can finish your application in 15 minutes. Then you will get an email that says you can go to Malaysia. This email will come in 5 to 7 days. After that, you can pack your bags and go!

Malaysia has so many things to enjoy. You can learn about their culture, which is different from yours. You can taste their food, which is spicy and delicious. You can see their scenery, which is beautiful and diverse. You will have a lot of fun and make many memories. Malaysia is a great place to visit for your holidays!

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