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Malaysia Visa Requirements for Benin Citizens

Updated: February 19, 2024

Malaysia e-Visa for Benin citizens. Do you want to visit a country that has many amazing things to see and do? Malaysia is a great choice for you. Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia that has beautiful cities, delicious food, stunning beaches, and green forests.

You can explore the modern skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur, the capital city, or enjoy the natural wonders of Borneo, an island that has many animals and plants. You can also taste the different cuisines of Malaysia, which are influenced by the cultures of China, India, and other countries. Malaysia is a place where you can have a lot of fun and learn new things.

If you are a citizen of Benin, a country in West Africa, you can easily travel to Malaysia with an electronic visa. An electronic visa, or e-Visa, is a type of visa that you can apply for online. You don’t need to go to the embassy or consulate to get it. You just need to fill out an online form, send some documents, and pay the visa fees.

Then, you will receive your e-Visa by email. You can print it out and show it to the immigration officers when you arrive in Malaysia. An e-Visa is valid for 90 days and allows you to stay in Malaysia for up to 30 days.

Malaysia is a wonderful country that welcomes visitors from Benin. With an e-Visa, you can easily plan your trip and enjoy your stay. Malaysia is waiting for you!

Overview of Malaysia e-Visa for Benin Citizens

The Malaysia e-Visa for Benin passport holders allows for easy online visa application. It permits a single entry into Malaysia, with a maximum stay of 30 days. You can apply for either a tourist, business, or medical Malaysia e-Visa.

The entire application process takes place online via the GVC website. It takes roughly 05-07 business days to get an approved e-visa.

Malaysia e-visa for Benin passport holders

Malaysia e-visa for Benin passport holders

Malaysia e-Visa Requirements for Benin Citizens

To successfully obtain a Malaysia e-Visa as a Benin citizen, you must meet the following requirements:

Valid Benin Passport

Your passport should have at least 6 months validity remaining and have at least 02 blank pages. You'll need to provide a scanned copy of the biographical page during the application.

Recent Passport Photo

A recent color passport photo with a white background is required during the application process. The photo requirements are not overly strict for the Malaysia e-Visa.

Confirmed Return Ticket

You need to provide flight details including your arrival and departure dates from Malaysia. A return ticket is mandatory.

Travel Medical Insurance

Valid medical coverage for your entire Malaysia trip is also required for the application process to be approved easier.

Additional Documents

Extra documents may be needed depending on your purpose of visit to Malaysia. Make sure to send clear scanned copies of all supporting paperwork.

As long as you meet all the criteria above and provide the requested paperwork, Benin citizens can successfully obtain Malaysia e-Visas.

Malaysia e-visa requirements for Benin citizens

Malaysia e-visa requirements for Benin citizens

How Benin Citizens Can Apply for Malaysia e-Visa

Applying for a Malaysia e-Visa involves a quick and easy online application process:

Step 1: Access the GVC platform and fill out the Malaysia e-Visa application form with your valid details, including travel dates.

Step 2: Pay Visa fees using your preferred online payment method, such as a credit card or PayPal.

Step 3: Send us clear scanned copies of supporting documents like passport, passport photo, and flight itinerary.

Step 4: Wait 05-07 business days for an email notification on your Malaysia e-Visa application status.

Once approved, you'll receive your official Malaysia e-visa over email. Print it out and carry it when traveling to Malaysia. Present the e-Visa along with your Benin passport to swiftly pass through immigration control.

Malaysia e-Visa Fees for Benin Citizens

As a Benin national, the total Malaysia e-Visa fees you'll pay include:

  • Government Fee - A non-refundable mandatory charge imposed by the Malaysian immigration department
  • Service Fee - Additional fees for the GVC processing your e-Visa application

The faster you request visa processing, the higher the service fees:

  • Standard (05-07 days) - Lowest cost option most popular among applicants
  • Urgent (02 days) - Slightly higher service fees for quicker processing
  • Super Urgent (24 hours) - Highest service fees for express application

You can pay online safely with a card, PayPal, or other ways. You will see how much you have to pay before you apply.

Malaysia e-visa fees for Benin citizens

Malaysia e-visa fees for Benin citizens


Malaysia has a simple e-Visa program for Benin citizens. You can apply online and go to Malaysia without any trouble. You only need to fill out an online form and wait for an email that says you can go.

So get ready to have fun in Malaysia. You can see different kinds of cities, eat yummy food, relax on beaches, and learn about the people and their culture!

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