Malaysia Visa Requirements for Belarus Citizens

Updated: February 19, 2024

Do you want to go to Malaysia for your holidays or work? Malaysia is a country that has many things to see and do. It has cities that are full of life and color. It has beaches that are beautiful and relaxing. It has rainforests that are green and full of animals and plants. Malaysia is a great place to visit for fun or work.

If you are from Belarus, you need a Malaysia e-Visa for Belarus Citizens to go to Malaysia. A Malaysia e-visa is obtainable online on the GVC website. Instead of visiting the embassy/ consulate, you can submit the required documents via email. You just need to fill out a form online. You also need a passport, a photo of yourself, and a card to pay. Getting a Malaysia e-Visa for Belarus citizens is easy and fast.

What is Malaysia's e-Visa?

An e-Visa is a special travel pass that permits people from other countries come visit. To get an e-Visa, you apply online instead of going to the embassy. The e-Visa is sent to your email once it's approved. It's much faster and easier!

The Malaysian government launched e-Visas in 2017. Citizens from many countries can now apply for one, including people from Belarus. With a Malaysia e-Visa, Belarus travelers can enter Malaysia easily for tourist activities or short-term business.

Malaysia e-visa for Belarus citizens

Malaysia e-visa for Belarus citizens

Types of Malaysia e-visa

The Malaysia e-Visa system offers a variety of categories tailored to different purposes of visit.

  • The Tourist e-Visa is designed for those seeking a short-term visit for vacation, sightseeing, or social purposes, allowing a stay of up to 30 days with a single entry.
  • The Student e-Visa caters specifically to Belarus students intending to pursue education in Malaysia, enabling a one-time entry and a stay of up to 03 months.
  • Business travelers, investors, and traders from Belarus can opt for the Business e-Visa, granting a single entry and a three-month stay in Malaysia.
  • For individuals seeking medical treatment, the Medical e-Visa is available, permitting a single entry and a 03-month stay in the country.

Who Can Get a Malaysia e-Visa?

To qualify for a Malaysia e-Visa if you're from Belarus, you need:

  • First and foremost, a valid Belarus passport is mandatory, and it should be a biometric machine-readable passport issued by the Belarusian government. Make sure your passport has a minimum of 2 blank pages for visa stamps and remains valid for at least 6 months from your intended entry date into Malaysia.
  • A recent passport-size photograph with a white background showcasing your full face and looking directly at the camera, ensuring the background is plain without shadows or objects.
  • A return plane ticket leaving Malaysia
  • Travel health insurance
  • A valid debit/credit card for visa fee payment.

As long as you have enough documents, you can apply for the Malaysia e-Visa. It is valid for up to 03 months.

What Documents Do You Need?

Applying for the Malaysia e-Visa is easy, but you need to have a few documents ready:

  • Passport: A scan or photo of your Belarus passport page with your details
  • Passport photo: A recent picture with a white background
  • Flight booking: Your return plane ticket out of Malaysia
  • Other documents: Maybe extra papers depending on why you're visiting

As long as you have clear scans or photos of those documents, you can apply for the e-Visa without problems!

The required documents to apply for Malaysia e-visa for Belarus citizens

The required documents to apply for Malaysia e-visa for Belarus citizens

How Do Belarus Citizens Apply for Malaysia's e-Visa?

Applying for Malaysia's e-Visa takes just 4 quick steps:

Step 1) Fill Out the Visa Application Form

Go to GVC's website and complete the short online e-Visa form. The online form requires some necessary information, such as your full name, gender, date of birth, and nationality.

Step 2) Pay the Visa Fee Securely Online

Remember to double-check all the information before moving to the next step. Use your debit/credit card or PayPal to safely pay your Malaysia e-Visa fees.

Step 3) Submit Your Supporting Documents

After submitting the form, attach scanned copies of your passport and passport photo and send these documents to our email address.

Step 4) Get Your e-Visa Approval Via Email

Typically takes 05-07 days to get approved. Then just print out your e-Visa letter to carry to Malaysia!

It's so fast and easy! The hardest part is waiting for your e-Visa approval email to arrive.

The application process for Malaysia e-visa for Belarus citizens

The application process for Malaysia e-visa for Belarus citizens

How Long Does Malaysia e-Visa Approval Take?

The standard Malaysia e-Visa processing time is 05-07 business days.

Want your visa even faster? Belarus citizens have 2 speedier options:

  • Urgent: Get your e-Visa in 02 business days
  • Super Urgent: Get your e-Visa in just 01 business day!

Faster service has higher fees, but it's great if you're in a rush.

What's the Malaysia e-Visa Cost for Belarus Travelers?

The Malaysia e-visa cost for Belarus includes two types: the Government fee and the Service fee.

The non-refundable Government fee is paid to the Malaysian government.

The total Malaysia e-Visa price depends on:

  • Processing time selected
  • Number of people applying

No matter what, all fees get paid online to GVC.

Malaysia, Here We Come!

Malaysia is a country that has many amazing things to see and do. You can go there for fun, for school, or for work. But before you go, you need a paper that lets you enter Malaysia. This paper is called an e-Visa.

Getting an e-Visa is very easy. You can do it on the internet. You just need to fill out a form, send your papers by email, and pay some money. You don’t have to wait for a long time. In less than a week, you will get an email that says you can go to Malaysia. This email is your e-Visa. You need to print it and bring it with you.

You are ready to go to Malaysia! You will have a wonderful time there!

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