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Malaysia Visa Requirements for Japan Citizens

Updated: January 10, 2024

Imagine walking on pristine beaches with crystal clear waters, eating incredible street food at bustling markets, exploring lush jungles teeming with exotic wildlife, and immersing yourself in the melting pot of cultures that Malaysia has to offer. As a Japanese citizen, you can now easily access this incredible Southeast Asian destination with a Malaysia e-Visa.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide Japanese citizens with everything you need to know about obtaining a Malaysia e-Visa for your upcoming trip, including:

  • What is the Malaysia e-Visa?
  • Malaysia e-Visa eligibility for Japanese citizens
  • Required documents for application
  • Step-by-step application process
  • Malaysia e-Visa fees for Japanese citizens
  • Processing time options
  • Conclusion

Let's get started!

Malaysia e-Visa Requirements for Japanese Citizens

Malaysia e-Visa Requirements for Japanese Citizens

What is the Malaysia e-Visa for Japanese citizens?

The Malaysia e-Visa is an official electronic travel authorization that enables eligible Japan citizens to enter and stay in Malaysia for up to 90 days for purposes such as tourism, business, transit, or medical treatment.

This online visa system was introduced by the Malaysian government in 2017 to simplify the application process for citizens of eligible countries like Japan. The e-Visa is processed and approved entirely online in just a few days.

The Malaysia e-Visa is valid for 3 months from the date of approval and allows a single entry into the country. There are four main types of Malaysian e-Visas:

  • Tourist e-Visa: For Japanese citizens visiting Malaysia for leisure travel, vacations, sightseeing, etc.
  • Expatriate e-Visa: Aimed towards Japanese professionals and expatriates who have received employment opportunities in Malaysia.
  • Medical e-Visa: For those seeking medical treatment from accredited hospitals/clinics in Malaysia.
  • Student e-Visa: Issued to Japanese students who have been accepted to study at a Malaysian academic institution.

By obtaining an e-Visa in advance of your travel dates, you can avoid embassy visits and enjoy a smooth, hassle-free entry into Malaysia.

Malaysia e-Visa Eligibility for Japanese Citizens

The good news is Japan is on the list of eligible nationalities that can apply online for a Malaysia e-Visa.

As long as you have a valid Japan passport that does not expire for at least 6 months from your planned entry date into Malaysia, you can take advantage of the Malaysia e-Visa system.

Your Japan passport should also have a minimum of 2 blank pages available for visa stamps and endorsements by Malaysian immigration officials upon your arrival.

Required Documents for Malaysia e-Visa Application

When applying for your Malaysian e-Visa online, you will need to submit digital scans of certain key documents through the online application platform to support your application.

Here are the standard required documents:

  • Valid Passport: Must have 6 months validity left and a minimum of 2 empty pages
  • Passport Biodata Page: A clear scanned copy of the page from your valid Japan passport that contains your photo, biographical details, passport number, etc. This is a mandatory requirement.
  • Passport Photo: A recent passport-sized photo of yourself taken against a white background. Many photo booths provide compliant passport photos.
  • Flight Itinerary: A copy of your round-trip flight booking/reservations showing your entry into and exit from Malaysia.
  • Additional Supporting Documents: Based on your specific purpose of visit, you may be required to submit additional supporting documents such as a Letter of Invitation from a company in Malaysia, proof of medical treatment, or an enrollment letter from an educational institution in Malaysia.

If applying for a child's visa, you will also need to provide a clear scanned copy of their birth certificate.

Remember to check official announcements in case any changes are made to the Malaysian e-Visa requirements for Japanese citizens.

Required Documents for Malaysia e-Visa Application

Required Documents for Malaysia e-Visa Application

Step-by-Step Guide for Malaysia e-Visa Application

One of the biggest advantages of the Malaysia e-Visa system is the quick and convenient online application process. Follow these steps for smooth sailing:

Step 1) Access the official GVC website and navigate to the Malaysia Visa section. Select the 'Apply Now' button to begin your application.

Step 2) Carefully fill out the online Malaysia e-Visa application form with your personal and passport details. Double-check that all information entered is accurate.

Step 3) Select your preferred Malaysia e-Visa processing time: Standard, Urgent, or Super Urgent. Faster processing options have higher service fees.

Step 4) Make the visa fee payment online using your debit/credit card and preferred payment method.

Step 5) Send scanned copies of your supporting documents to GVC through their secure online document upload facility. Documents should be clearly scanned.

Step 6) After submission, you will receive an email with your Malaysia e-Visa application reference number, which can be used to track your application status.

Step 7) Once your Malaysia e-Visa is approved after processing, you will be notified via email. Download, print and carry your e-Visa when traveling to Malaysia.

That's it! By following these simple steps for online submission, Japanese citizens can obtain their Malaysian tourist or business e-Visa in just a few days.

Step-by-Step Guide for Malaysia e-Visa Application

Step-by-Step Guide for Malaysia e-Visa Application

Malaysia e-Visa Fees for Japan Citizens

As a Japanese national, the total Malaysia e-Visa fees payable by you will consist of:

Government Fee - A mandatory visa fee charged by the Malaysian government. Paid at the time of application. Non-refundable regardless of outcome.

Service Fee - Charged by GVC for documentation review, processing, assistance, and e-Visa issuance services according to the delivery timeframe you choose.

In total, the Malaysia e-Visa fees for Japan passport holders applying through GVC are:

  • Standard: Receive your Malaysia e-Visa within 5 to 7 business days.
  • Urgent: Obtain a Malaysia e-Visa within only 2 working days.
  • Super Urgent: Ideal for those seeking a Malaysia e-Visa in just 1 working day!

These charges are per person, per application. Additional convenience fees may apply for payment processing.

The final total payable depends on:

  • Number of people applying (charges per person)
  • Processing time preferred
  • Single or multiple entry visa requested

For the fastest visa for Malaysia, Japanese citizens are recommended to select the Urgent or Super Urgent processing options.

Malaysia e-Visa Fees for Japan Citizens

Malaysia e-Visa Fees for Japan Citizens

Conclusion - Apply for Your e-Visa to Malaysia Today!

You can get a Malaysia e-Visa online if you are from Japan. This is a good way to go to Malaysia in a few days.

Malaysia is a great place to visit. You can see many things there, like beaches, food, culture, nature, and cities.

Before you apply for the e-Visa, you need to check some things. You need to have some papers ready, like your passport and your photo. You need to choose how fast you want your e-Visa. And you need to fill out the form online.

We will show you how to do it step by step. Then you will get your e-Visa and you can go to Malaysia. You need to bring your e-Visa and your passport with you when you travel.

Start planning the trip of a lifetime to spectacular Malaysia today! Rich rewards await you in this diverse nation with the handy Malaysia online visa. Have a great time!

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