Malaysia Visa Requirements for France Citizens

Updated: April 1, 2024

France is a beautiful country in Europe. Many people from France love to travel to new places for fun and adventure. One amazing place to visit is Malaysia. Malaysia has tasty food, pretty beaches, and cool cities.

In the past, people from France needed to fill out lots of paper forms to visit Malaysia. Now, French citizens can easily apply online for a Malaysia e-Visa instead. This electronic visa lets French people enter Malaysia quickly for short trips.

What is the Malaysia e-Visa for France?

The Malaysia e-Visa is a paper that French citizens can get on the internet. It allows people from France to travel to Malaysia for 30 days or less. There are a few types of Malaysian e-Visas for French passport holders:

  • Tourist e-Visa - For vacations in Malaysia
  • Business e-Visa - For short work trips
  • Medical e-Visa - For getting healthcare in Malaysia
  • Study e-Visa - For those who want to study in Malaysia

The e-Visa application form takes about 15 minutes to finish. Most French citizens receive their approved Malaysia e-Visa by email within 5-7 business days. It is valid for 3 months from when it was first issued.

Malaysia Visa Requirements for French Citizens

When France people apply online for the Malaysia e-Visa, they need to have a few important things ready:

  • Valid French Passport - Must be valid for 6 more months with 2 empty pages
  • A first page of passport - Copy or scan the biographical page in your passport
  • Passport Photo - A recent headshot photo with a white background
  • Confirmed Travel Itinerary - Roundtrip ticket booking confirmation

French citizens must prepare enough documents for an e-Visa

French citizens must prepare enough documents for an e-Visa

French citizens should also have any extra documents needed for their specific type of Malaysian e-Visa. Families must include children's birth certificates too.

It's really easy to apply online for the tourist, business, or medical Malaysia e-Visa. French citizens just need to scan their documents clearly and upload them in 4 simple steps.

How France Citizens Can Apply for the Malaysia e-Visa

Here is how to get a Malaysia e-Visa in only 4 fast steps:

Step 1) Fill Out the Malaysia e-Visa Application Form

Go to and complete the short online e-Visa application. It asks for basic personal details, passport info, and trip itinerary. Double check that all info entered is accurate.

Step 2) Pay the Visa Processing Fee

Use a debit/credit card or PayPal to pay the service fee. This covers the cost of getting either the standard, urgent, or super urgent Malaysia e-Visa.

Step 3) Submit Your Supporting Documents

Send clear scanned copies of your French passport, passport photo, flight booking, and any other required papers. Make sure the scanned documents are easy to read.

Step 4) Get Your Approved Malaysia e-Visa by Email

Most French citizens will get their official Malaysia e-Visa approval letter emailed within 5-7 business days. Some may get it even sooner by paying extra for urgent processing.

Be sure to print out the e-Visa approval and carry it for when you arrive in Malaysia. That's all there is to it!

Applying for a Malaysia e-visa is straightforward

Applying for a Malaysia e-visa is straightforward

How Much Does the Malaysia e-Visa Cost for French Citizens?

The total Malaysia e-Visa fees paid by French citizens includes:

  • Malaysia Government Fee - Charged for issuing each e-Visa
  • GVC Service Fee - For processing standard, urgent, or super urgent e-Visa

French families can save money by having everyone included on a single Malaysia e-Visa application. The more people added, the lower the overall service cost per person.

More information for French citizens visiting Malaysia with an e-Visa:

Malaysia is a great place to visit for French people who have an e-Visa. They can stay for 30 days and see many wonderful things. Here are some of the best places and things to do:

Kuala Lumpur - This is the big city of Malaysia. It has many cool things to see and do. You can see the tall Petronas Twin Towers, the busy Chinatown, the Central Market where you can buy things, and the street food where you can eat different kinds of food.

Langkawi Island - This is a beautiful island with nice beaches, green forests, and fancy hotels. You can relax on the sand, visit other islands, see the mangrove trees, or take a cable car to the Sky Bridge where you can see far away.

Cameron Highlands - This is a cooler place in the hills. You can see how tea is grown, visit farms where strawberries are grown, walk in the forests with moss, or stay in a cottage that looks like it is from England. You can also have tea and scones, which are like biscuits.

Penang - This is an island with many different cultures. You can see Little India, where people from India live, Chinatown, where people from China live, beautiful Chinese temples, and Penang Hill, where you can see the whole island.

Malacca - This is an old city with a lot of history. It has influences from Portugal, Holland, and Britain. You can see the old town where there are things from the spice trade, which was very important in the past.

Malaysia is easy to visit with an e-Visa. You can come many times in a year. You can also fly cheaply with AirAsia to come back again!

Witness the beauty of Malaysia with an e-visa

Witness the beauty of Malaysia with an e-visa

Conclusion - Easy Online Malaysia e-Visas for French!

The Malaysia online visa system now makes visiting simple for France citizens. Just submit an e-Visa application on GVC's website just once to enter Malaysia hassle-free for an entire year!

With an approved Malaysia e-Visa from GVC, French citizens can comfortably explore Malaysia's tropical beaches, try unique foods, and have amazing cultural experiences during their 30-day visits.

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