Malaysia Visa Requirements for Denmark Citizens

Updated: April 1, 2024

Malaysia e-Visa for Citizens of Denmark - Easy Online Application. Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia that has many things to see and do. It has big and new buildings in the cities.

It also has beaches with sand and blue water, forests with many trees and animals, and food that tastes good. If you are from Denmark, you can go to Malaysia without any trouble. You just need to get an e-Visa, which is permission that you can apply for on the internet.

Malaysia e-Visa for Citizens Of Denmark

Malaysia e-Visa for Citizens Of Denmark

What is Malaysia e-Visa?

A Malaysia e-Visa allows citizens from Denmark to travel to Malaysia. You can apply for this special visa completely online in only 15 minutes. After 5 to 7 business days, you will get an email saying if your e-Visa application was approved.

With an approved e-Visa, citizens from Denmark can enter Malaysia for 30 days as tourists, visiting family, or on leisure trips. The e-Visa is valid for 3 whole months from when it is issued.

Top 5 Benefits of Malaysia e-Visa

The Malaysia e-Visa makes visiting Malaysia much easier for Denmark citizens:

  1. Apply Online in 15 Minutes - No need to fill out long paper forms anymore!
  2. Get Approval in 5-7 Days - Instead of waiting 4 entire weeks like before
  3. Valid for 3 Months - Plenty of time to plan your perfect Malaysia trip
  4. Digital Visa - Easy to carry on your phone while traveling
  5. Cheaper Fees - More affordable than old fashioned tourist visas

The Malaysian government made their visa rules simpler for citizens of Denmark. Now you can easily experience Malaysia’s mix of cultures and natural beauty.

Malaysia e-Visa Eligibility Rules

To qualify for a Malaysia e-Visa, Denmark citizens must:

  • Have a valid Denmark passport for 6 more months
  • Submit a passport photo
  • Show return flight ticket
  • Meet purpose rules (tourism, student, business)
  • Apply at GVC website

As long as you meet all the eligibility rules, Denmark people can obtain their Malaysia e-Visa without any problems.

Malaysia e-Visa Eligibility Rules

Malaysia e-Visa Eligibility Rules

4 Key Documents for Malaysia e-Visa

To apply for the Malaysia e-Visa, citizens of Denmark must email the following documents:

1. Passport Copy

This shows your personal details and travel dates. Your passport must be valid for another 6 months after you enter Malaysia.

2. Passport Photo

A recent color photo with a plain white background. Any photo size is allowed.

3. Flight Itinerary

Copy of your return flight ticket showing you will exit Malaysia.

4. Extra Documents

You may need to provide other documents, depending on why you visit Malaysia.

Make sure all your document scans are very clear and easy to read. These documents prove you meet all eligibility rules.

4 Simple Steps to Apply for Malaysia e-Visa

Applying for a Malaysia e-Visa takes only 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Online Visa Application Form

Fill in important details like your full name, birth date, passport number, and travel dates.

Step 2: Email Supporting Documents

Send clear scans of your passport, photo ID, flight ticket and any extra documents required.

Step 3: Pay Visa Fees Online

Pay all visa fees using PayPal, credit/debit card or other accepted online payments. Fees depend on your chosen processing time.

Step 4: Get e-Visa by Email

You will receive your approved Malaysia e-Visa by email in 5-7 business days. Print it out to carry when traveling.

And that's it! The whole process takes around 15 minutes and approval happens within one week.

4 Simple Steps to Apply for Malaysia e-Visa

4 Simple Steps to Apply for Malaysia e-Visa

Choosing Your Malaysia e-Visa Processing Time

GVC offers three different processing options:

Standard (5-7 days): Lowest price but slower service

Urgent (2 days): Faster processing for a small extra fee

Super Urgent (24 hours): Quickest turnaround if you pay highest fees

You should choose your service based on your travel dates and budget.

Breakdown of Malaysia e-Visa Fees

As a Denmark citizen, your total Malaysia e-Visa fees have two parts:

  • Government Fee: Charged by the Malaysian government
  • Service Fee: Payment for visa processing service speed

The government fee is fixed for all applicants. But faster visa services will increase your service fees.


Thanks to the convenient Malaysia e-Visa program, citizens of Denmark can now visit Malaysia much more easily and quickly. The online application takes 15 minutes and approval can be as fast as 1 day.

With your approved e-Visa, you are all set for an amazing Malaysian holiday! Have fun exploring the culture, beaches, islands, cities and rainforests.

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