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Laos e-Visa requirements for Czech citizens

We are sure Southeast Asia is on your bucket list, and we are also sure that you may want to know what documents are necessary to visit this amazing continent. If you are from the Czech Republic, then you should keep in mind that a Visa is mandatory to visit most parts of the continent, including Laos. That’s why we have prepared this article for you, to inform you of all things about the Laos visa for Czech citizens.

Laos e-Visa for Czech citizens

Laos e-Visa for Czech citizens

1. Laos e-Visa for Czech citizens

To expedite and simplify the process of obtaining the proper travel authorization for the journeys of visitors all over the world, citizens of eligible countries, such as the Czech Republic, can apply for an e-Visa for Laos prior to departure.

Citizens of countries that can obtain visas through the internet can get one quickly and simply in order to visit Laos. In just a few short minutes, citizens of the Czech Republic can register for and receive an e-Visa.

Tourists from the Czech Republic can now enter Laos without first having to wait in lengthy lines at the airport or at a local embassy or consulate to get their travel documents in order. Instead, Czech citizens traveling to Laos can use the Laos e-Visa platform to quickly and simply apply for a visa.

The Laos e-Visa Tourist for Czech citizens can only be granted for the purpose of travel or to visit family and friends. With this e-Visa, they can stay for 30 days in Laos and make one entry.

2. Laos e-Visa Requirements for Czech Citizens

There are specific requirements that must be followed in order to file for and be granted a Laos tourist visa from the Czech Republic.

If you are a resident of the Czech Republic, you will need the following papers to apply for an e-Visa to Laos:

  • Passport: Granted and issued by the Czech Republic Government with at least 06 months of validity from the date of arrival in Laos
  • A scan of the biographical information page of your passport
  • Picture: One recent passport-sized photograph size
  • Visa fee (the amount depends on nationality): The individuals applying for a Laos online visa will also need to also have available a valid credit or debit card to make the visa fee payment through the secure system.
  • Email: A email address of the applicant.
  • More: A copy of your itinerary (optional)

After meeting all the requirements above, you can apply for the application form for Czech citizens.

Requirements of Laos e-Visa for Czech citizens

Requirements of Laos e-Visa for Czech citizens

3. How to apply for a Laos e-Visa from the Czech Republic

To get a Laos e-Visa for Czech citizens, you need to provide some basic personal information, such as:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality

Additionally, they will need to provide the data from their travel documentation such as:

  • Number of passports
  • The country of citizenship

Once the e-Visa for Laos is processed (Typically, permission requests take between one and three business days to process), the approved travel authorization document is emailed to applicants as long as all terms and conditions are met. It then needs to be printed by the traveler and presented on arrival into the country.

Conversely, a separate process is necessary for people of other nationalities who wish to visit Laos for business purposes. They'll have to wait in line at the Laos border control to register through an embassy or consulate.

Apply for a Laos e-Visa from the Czech Republic

Apply for a Laos e-Visa from the Czech Republic

4. Laos e-Visa fees for Czech citizens

A Czech citizen must pay Laos visa fees including visa service fees and government fees

Before a visa for Laos can be issued, an applicant must pay the government fee. The applicant's nationality will determine the amount of this Non-Refundable fee. Anyone applying for a visa who is a Czech citizen should double-check the information they have provided to ensure it is correct.

When applying for an e-Visa through Global Visa Services, there are a number of options available, each with its own Service fee that includes a consultation price that covers everything from initial inquiry to visa issuance.

  • The options of services for Laos e-Visa include:
  • Normal Service: The Laos e-Visa for Czech citizens will be processed within 03 business days.
  • Urgent Service: Travelers from the Czech Republic can get a Laos e-Visa in 02 business days.
  • Super Urgent Service: This is the fastest service which is processed in 24 business hours.

Czech nationals can use any widely-accepted method of electronic transfer or wire transfer to pay the e-visa fee. They can pay fees by credit card or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal) or by the Bank of Cyprus.

In addition, Global Visa Services recommends that all tourists invest in Travel Insurance before they leave the country. Your travel insurance will pay for any necessary medical care, including costs related to Covid-19, and for any missing or stolen items.

Traveling to Laos from the Czech Republic

At present, Laos has 7 international airports, making flight travel the most convenient and secure way to get around the country. However, there are currently only three airports in Laos that accept the eVisa.

  • Wattay International
  • Pakse International
  • Luang Prabang International

In addition, visitors with the eVisa may arrive by land transport as well via:

  • Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge I
  • Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge II

Cost of Laos e-Visa for Czech citizens

Cost of Laos e-Visa for Czech citizens

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