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Malaysia Visa Requirements for Morocco Citizens

Updated: January 10, 2024

With its gorgeous islands, delectable cuisine, magnificent mosques and dazzling skyscrapers, Malaysia captivates visitors from across the globe. If you are a Moroccan national planning a trip to this Southeast Asian paradise, the first step is getting a Malaysia e-Visa before you depart.

In this comprehensive guide, we provide everything Moroccan citizens need to know about Malaysia visa applications for hassle-free travel.

Malaysia e-Visa for Morocco Citizens Requirements

Malaysia e-Visa for Morocco Citizens Requirements

Malaysia e-Visa Overview for Moroccan Nationals

The government of Malaysia introduced an Electronic Travel Authorization called ‘e-Visa’ in August 2017. This online system simplified the process for international tourists and business executives to enter Malaysia.

Here are some key aspects of the Malaysian e-Visa for Moroccan passport holders:

  • It permits a single entry and allows you to stay in Malaysia for 90 days
  • The e-Visa approval letter is valid for 3 months from the date of issue
  • Available for tourism, business, specialized healthcare, and social visits

With the Malaysian e-Visa, Moroccans do not have to waste time waiting in long lines at the embassy consulate.

Malaysia Visa Requirements for Morocco Passport Holders

Morocco citizens who meet the eligibility criteria can successfully get e-Visas for vacation or work trips. Let’s look at the key requirements:

Valid Morocco Passport

Your passport should remain valid for no less than 6 months from the date you enter Malaysia. It need to also contain 2 empty pages to stamp the visa.

Passport Size Photo

Submit one recent passport-size photograph with a plain white background for the Malaysia visa application. Any photo dimensions are accepted.

Confirmed Return Tickets

Provide a copy of your confirmed flight bookings for travel to and from Malaysia. This shows immigration authorities your detailed itinerary.

Additionally, Moroccan applicants may need to submit other papers based on their intended purpose in Malaysia. For kids and infants, a birth certificate should be attached too.

Malaysia Visa Requirements for Morocco Passport Holders

Malaysia Visa Requirements for Morocco Passport Holders

Step-By-Step Guide to Apply Malaysia Visa for Moroccans

Moroccan citizens can conveniently obtain Malaysia e-Visa approvals through GVC's user-friendly website. Follow these straightforward steps:

Step 1: Fill Online Visa Application Form

Go to the GVC platform at and complete the Malaysia e-Visa form by entering these personal details:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Morocco passport number
  • Valid phone number and email
  • Intended length of stay
  • Entry and exit dates

Double-check your form before submitting it to prevent errors that cause delays or rejections.

Step 2: Upload Supporting Documents

After finishing the Malaysian e-Visa application, upload scanned copies of mandatory paperwork

The scans or photographs should be clear and legible for online visa approval officers.

Step 3: Proceed to Payment

Pay all Malaysia visa fees on GVC through your preferred mode like PayPal, credit or debit cards. The total e-Visa cost involves:

  • Malaysian government charges: It is the amount you have to pay for the Kuwait Immigration Department to provide your visa.
  • The visa service fee will change subject to the timing option you choose.

The final amount depends on:

  • Number of applicants
  • Fast-track options picked
  • Entries requested - single or multiple

Step 4: Track Application Status

Once full payment is received, you get a Malaysia visa application reference number. Track your status online using this code.

Standard visa processing time is 5-7 working days. On approval, collect your Malaysia e-Visa over email and take printouts.

On arrival at Malaysian airports or land crossings, produce your e-Visa with passport to immigration officers for clearance.

Step-By-Step Guide to Apply Malaysia Visa for Moroccans

Step-By-Step Guide to Apply Malaysia Visa for Moroccans

Choose Faster Malaysia Visa Processing

While regular applications take 5-7 days, Morocco citizens can also opt for:

  • Priority Service: Obtain Malaysia e-Visa in 2 working days by paying a small priority fee
  • Ultra Priority: Get visa approval in just 1 business day with the additional charges

So review service choices and select one that matches your Malaysia travel dates.

Why Apply Malaysia Visa Online?

Some key advantages of using the Malaysia e-Visa online system for Moroccan tourists:

Easy Application

The entire process from form filling to document upload is simple even for first-time travelers. Auto-prompts guide you smoothly.

Fast Approvals

Online applications mean quicker reviews by visa officers compared to manual embassy applications.

Trackable Status

The portal allows real-time application tracking instead of wondering about approvals.

Secured Payment

Payment gateways encrypt financial data for safe transactions.

24x7 Accessibility

Apply for Malaysia e-Visa from Morocco at your convenience - no embassy delays!

Malaysia eVisa system simplified the process for international tourists

Malaysia eVisa system simplified the process for international tourists

Benefits of Malaysia e-Visa for Moroccans

Opting for an online Malaysia travel authorization has these perks:

  • Zero Embassy Visits: Avoid queues and appointments
  • Pre-approved Status: Arrive worry-free at Malaysian immigration
  • Simple Process: User-friendly online form submission
  • Fast Approval: Authorities process quicker than manual ones
  • Entry Flexibility: Arrive via air, land checkpoints and sea entry

Plus, e-Visa charges are lower than traditional visa fees.

How Long Can I Stay in Malaysia With e-Visa?

The duration of stay allowed in Malaysia with an e-Visa for Moroccan citizens is up to 90 days per entry.

Your total Malaysia trip duration could be less than 30 days. But under no circumstances can you overstay beyond the period approved by immigration authorities without valid extensions and penalties apply for violations.


Morocco citizens can now effortlessly self-apply for Malaysia tourist or business e-Visas through GVC’s easy online system. Prepare your paperwork, complete the forms accurately and use safe payment methods for approval success!

With your authorized Malaysia e-Visa in hand, you can soon embark on fascinating Malaysian holidays filled with memorable cultural and natural attractions!

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