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Malaysia Visa Requirements for Ghana Citizens

Updated: May 15, 2024

Malaysia is a beautiful Asian country with tasty food, mesmerizing beaches, and incredible animals. The good news is that people from Ghana can now easily get a Malaysia e-Visa online to visit. This e-visa lets you travel to Malaysia for up to 30 days.

What is the Malaysia e-Visa for Ghanaians?

The Malaysia e-Visa is a travel authorization that people from Ghana can quickly apply for online. You can get it to visit Malaysia as a tourist, student, or for medical help. The e-visa is valid for 03 months after you get it.

To be eligible for a Malaysia e visa, you must have a Ghana passport. With the e-Visa, you are able to stay in Malaysia for 30 days to engage in tourist activities, or visit relatives/ friends there.

Currently, there are four categories of Malaysia evisas available to Ghanaian citizens:

  • Tourist eVisa (Single Entry for 30 days)
  • Student eVisa (Single Entry for 03 months)
  • Expatriate eVisa (Single Entry for 03 months)
  • Medical eVisa (Single Entry for 03 months)

Malaysia e visa for Ghanaian citizens

Malaysia e visa for Ghanaian citizens

Why get a Malaysia e-Visa?

Applying online for the e-visa is much faster than going to the embassy. You can get it approved in just 05-07 days!

The Malaysia e-Visa is also paperless. You may also show the letter on your phone when you arrive in Malaysia. No need to carry extra papers.

What documents do you need?

When applying for a Malaysia e-Visa, Ghanaian citizens are required to submit clear scans of specific documents via email. These documents include:

  • The bio page of your passport. It's essential that the passport is valid for a minimum of six months from your intended arrival date and has at least two blank visa pages for verification stamps.
  • A recent portrait image of yourself.
  • Your flight itinerary shows your travel dates.

To expedite the application process, you should ensure that all scans are of high quality and legible.

Check Malaysia e visa requirements for Ghanaian citizens

Check Malaysia e visa requirements for Ghanaian citizens

How to apply for the Malaysia e-Visa

Applying for the e-Visa online at GVC only takes 4 steps:

Step 1: Fill out the online form

The Malaysia e visa application form requires some essential information, such as the type of visa, processing time, contact information, your full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, and passport number. This is important so the Malaysian Government can check your eligibility.

Step 2: Pay the e-visa fees and send your documents

Please verify all the information on the application form one more time at this stage. Any inaccurate or unmatched information might cause processing to take longer. Subsequently, pay the visa charges, which include the government and service costs. After paying the fee, send clear scans of your passport, photo, and any other papers.

Step 3: Wait 5-7 days

It takes about a week to get approved. Check your application online to see when it's ready.

Step 4: Get your Malaysia e-Visa!

When approved, they'll email your e-visa letter. Print it and take it on your trip.

Malaysia e visa application for Ghanaian citizens

Malaysia e visa application for Ghanaian citizens

How much does the Malaysia e-Visa cost?

When applying for a Malaysia e visa, Ghanaians have to pay two categories of visa fees:

  1. Malaysia government fee - This pays the Malaysian Government to process the visa.
  2. Service fee - This is for GVC’s supporting the applicants throughout the application process. It depends on how fast you want the visa done.

Faster service costs a little more in terms of service fees. Most people choose the regular 05-07 day wait because it saves money.

Ghanaian nationals can select one of the three services on the GVC website to obtain a Malaysian visa:

  • Standard Service: At GVC, this is the service that our customers select the most frequently. Get your visa at a reasonable price in 05 to 07 working days.
  • Urgent Service: Do you need your visa sooner? This service allows you to obtain a visa in 02 business days.
  • Super Urgent Service: Select this option to get your Malaysia evisa in less than one working day.

Tips for your Malaysia trip

Now that you know how to get your Malaysia e-Visa from Ghana, start planning your fun trip! Here are the top places to visit:

  • Kuala Lumpur - Big modern city with the world's tallest twin towers
  • Langkawi Island - Beautiful beaches and boats
  • Borneo Island - Rainforests with rare animals like orange orangutans
  • Penang Island - Temples and cultural sights from Indian, Malay, and Chinese people
  • Cameron Highlands - Cool hills with tea farms
  • Malacca City - Old buildings from when Portugal, Netherlands, and Britain ruled Malaysia

Have an amazing adventure in Malaysia with your easy online e-visa! The food, nature, and people will make you smile.

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