Malaysia Visa Requirements for Burkina Faso Citizens

Updated: March 11, 2024

Malaysia is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia near the equator. That means it has a tropical climate that is hot and humid all year long. Malaysia has modern cities with tall glass buildings, sandy beaches with blue water, thick green rainforests, and delicious food. Citizens of the African country Burkina Faso can now easily apply online for a Malaysia e-Visa to visit this fantastic place for a vacation.

What is the Malaysia e-Visa?

The Malaysia e-Visa allows people with Burkina Faso passports to travel to Malaysia for tourism, business, or to see friends and family. It is an online travel permit you can apply for over the Internet.

The e-visa approval letter is valid for 3 months from when it is issued. It allows you to stay in Malaysia for up to 30 days on each visit within that 3-month period. Then you must exit the country but can return using the same e-visa.

Malaysia electronic visa is granted to Burkina Faso citizens online

Malaysia electronic visa is granted to Burkina Faso citizens online

Top 4 Benefits of Malaysia e-Visa

The Malaysia online visa has made it much easier for citizens from Burkina Faso to visit Malaysia. Here are the top benefits:

1. Apply Online in 15 Minutes

You can complete the Malaysia visa application form online in as little as 15 minutes without going to an embassy.

2. Fast Processing in 5-7 Days

The standard visa processing time is 5-7 business days to get approval. Then you get your official visa approval letter sent to you by email.

3. Easy to Carry e-Visa

The visa arrival letter is digital, so you can print it and carry the paper when you travel to Malaysia. No need to carry your whole passport or a bulky visa sticker.

4. Multiple Entries Allowed

The Malaysia e-Visa allows unlimited entries into Malaysia within 3 months of approval. You can exit and enter again as many times as you want.

Eligibility Criteria for Malaysia e-Visa

A Burkina Faso passport is a crucial document required during the Malaysian evisa application process

A Burkina Faso passport is a crucial document required during the Malaysian evisa application process

To be eligible for Malaysia tourist or business e-Visa, applicants from Burkina Faso need:

  • Burkina Faso passport is valid for 6 more months.
  • Return plane ticket booking to exit Malaysia.
  • Proof you have enough money to cover your stay.
  • Travel medical insurance that covers time in Malaysia.
  • Meet all health and character requirements.

You can apply for a short-term Malaysia online visa if you meet these eligibility criteria.

Step-by-Step Guide to Apply for Malaysia e-Visa

Applying for a Malaysian electronic visa is easy. Follow these 4 steps:

Step 1: Fill Online Visa Application Form

Complete the Malaysia visa application form at the GVC website.

  • Give your full name, birthdate, passport number correctly
  • Select the tourist or business visa category.
  • Enter your email address and phone number.
  • List where you will stay in Malaysia.

Step 2: Upload Supporting Documents

Email scanned copies of supporting papers required like:

  • Photo page of your Burkina Faso passport.
  • Standard passport photo of you.
  • Flight booking showing you will exit Malaysia.

Make sure document scans are self-explanatory for online visa approval.

Step 3: Pay Visa Fees Online

Pay the visa fees using your debit card, credit card, PayPal, or other options. The final cost depends on:

  • Type of visa service picked by you.
  • Number of people applying together.
  • Single or multiple entry visa requested.

Step 4: Receive e-Visa Approval Letter

Check your email daily and wait 5-7 working days to receive your official Malaysia e-Visa approval letter by email.

Print it out neatly on paper and carry it when flying to Malaysia.

    Applying for a Malaysian visa is quick and straightforward

Applying for a Malaysian visa is quick and straightforward

Types of Malaysia Visa Services

There are three types of visa processing services offered:

  • Standard (5-7 days) - Lowest price, get visa approval in 5-7 working days.
  • Urgent (2 days) - Get a visa in 2 working days for an extra fee.
  • Super Urgent (24 hours) - Get visa approval in just 1 working day for the highest fee.

Malaysia Visa Fees for Burkina Faso Passport Holders

The total Malaysia e-Visa fees consist of:

  • Government Fee - Payable to the Malaysian government
  • Service Fee - Payable to GVC for visa processing

The final price depends on your selected three service options during the application.

  • Standard service is the cheapest but slowest
  • Urgent is faster for a small extra fee
  • Super Urgent is the quickest but costs more

 Malaysian e-visa fees for Burkina Faso nationals

Malaysian e-visa fees for Burkina Faso nationals


This guide tells you everything you need to know to get your Malaysia e-Visa if you are from Burkina Faso. The Malaysia e-Visa is a paper you can get online that lets you go to Malaysia. It has many good things, like being fast, easy and cheap. You must meet some rules to get it, like having a passport and a photo.

The guide shows you how to get it in a few steps, what kind of visa you can choose, how much it costs, and what to do next. This guide helps you to get your Malaysia e-Visa without any trouble.

Malaysia is a great place to visit with your new e-visa. It has many things to see and do. You can learn more about some of them here.

More Malaysia Travel Tips and Sights

Experience Blend of Cultures

Malaysia has an exciting blend of Asian cultures. Much of the population is Malay, Chinese or Indian. You can see Indian temples, Chinese architecture, and Malay Muslim influences across Malaysia. It makes for diverse cuisine and cultural events.

Cuisine is Delicious

Food lovers rejoice! Malaysian cuisine combines Chinese, Indian, and Malay styles. Dishes are often spicy and flavored with chili paste, tamarind, lemon grass, and coconut milk. Popular items include Nasi Goreng fried rice, Laksa spicy noodle soup, and Roti Canai flatbread.

Cool Highland Retreats

Head to the Cameron Highlands or Genting Highlands mountain resorts to escape the tropical heat. You’ll find it refreshingly pleasant at higher elevations. Walk through mossy forests in the mist or relax at a hillside tea plantation.

Go Diving and Snorkeling

As a tropical country surrounded by water, Malaysia has fantastic diving and snorkeling. The best spots surround islands like Tioman, Redang, Perhentian, and Sipadan. The underwater scenery is stunning, with coral reefs and bright-colored fish.

Shop Tax-Free

Malaysia has excellent shopping with zero sales tax. KL and Penang offer modern malls with the latest fashions and technology. You can also shop for traditional wares like pewter, batik fabric, wood carvings, and sarong wraps.

Visit During Festivals

Plan your Malaysia trip when there are big festivals of culture and music. Some of the best are Chinese New Year parties, Ramadan markets, the Rainforest World Music Festival, and the Malaysia International Jazz Festival.

Malaysia has many things to see and enjoy. You can see the Petronas Twin Towers and the old Malacca town. You can relax on the Langkawi beaches and explore the Borneo rainforests. Malaysia welcomes all travelers. If you are from Burkina Faso, you can get your e-Visa online to visit this amazing Asian place.

We hope this expanded guide gives you all the details you need to apply for and make the most of your Malaysia e-Visa. Have a fantastic trip to spectacular Malaysia!

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