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Where to visit in Malaysia in October?

Malaysia is featured with a tropical climate, and in October, rainfall largely occurs throughout the Peninsula. You can visit the country during this time to experience a delightful blend of rain and sunshine. 

  • For those seeking an idyllic escape, the East Coast proves more favorable than the West Coast, where the heaviest rainfall of the year is likely. Tioman Island, a duty-free haven comprising eight main village stations, is a perfect destination. The island basks in pleasant sunshine in October, interspersed with occasional rain showers, yet still keeps its stunning scenery. The white sand beaches provide ideal opportunities for snorkeling and diving, making it a must-visit for those seeking marine adventures. 

  • Kuala Terengganu is another must-visit destination in October. The city is highlighted with illuminated mosques, celebrating the Islamic New Year and offering a serene cultural experience. 

  • In October, Georgetown in Penang comes alive with the world-famous Chinese Moon Cake Festival, featuring special lantern parades. Georgetown is a picturesque tourist spot in Penang with a beautiful artisan and medieval colonial ambiance. 

  • Malacca's charm and laid-back atmosphere will leave tourists in awe. Most of the city still maintains traditional architecture, with crumbling forts and buildings covered with traditional cherry-red façades from the colonial period.