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How many tourists visit Malaysia each year?

According to 2020, Malaysia has ranked 40th for 4 million tourists. Then in 2022, there were 10 million tourists coming to Malaysia.

Tourism in Malaysia has been steadily growing over the years, attracting approximately 25 million visitors annually. Thanks to the incredible attractions of Malaysia, this is increasing the interest among global tourists. Malaysia also invests and promotes tourism by numerous marketing campaigns, showing the highlight festivals and other adventure sports. Moreover, this country also invests in luxury resorts and enhances the entertainment in order to attract many kinds of tourists.

The Malaysian government has put many efforts in infrastructure development and visa service year after year. As a result, more and more travelers come to Malaysia for medical and ecotourism purposes.

However, fluctuations in economic shifts, or unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters or health crises can impact tourism numbers. For example, the Covid-19 has a strong impact in decreasing the number of tourists. Despite challenges, Malaysia keeps conserving and developing the tourism facilities to ensure it is a must-visit destination for travelers around the world.

The Malaysia government hoped in 2026, the number of tourists will increase more than 26 million tourists, just like before the pandemic happened.