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Is tipping customary in Malaysia?

In contrast to many Western nations, tipping is different from what is anticipated and usual in Malaysia. Tipping is not customary nor required in the majority of circumstances. But it's becoming increasingly common in other industries, especially in high-end dining establishments, lodging facilities, and tourist destinations where gratuities may be expected for outstanding service. In upscale dining establishments, for example, it is customary to tip approximately 10% of the entire cost if you are pleased with the level of service. However, a lot of restaurants include a service charge on the bill, so make sure before leaving an additional tip.

In Malaysia, tipping porters or housekeeping staff a few ringgits for excellent hotel service is appreciated. It's not customary to tip taxi drivers, but rounding up the fare is considered polite. This practice also applies to ride-sharing services, where tips are not expected but appreciated. In hair salons and spas, giving a small tip to your stylist or therapist is a nice way to show appreciation, especially if you are satisfied with their work.

Ultimately, tipping in Malaysia is discretionary and should be based on the quality of service received. While appreciated, tipping is not mandatory and you should only do so if you feel the service warrants it. If you are unsure about tipping practices, you can ask locals or refer to local customs for guidance. Understanding and respecting local tipping regulations can enhance your experience and promote positive interactions with those serving you.