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What is the culture of Laos?

The core of Lao culture revolves around life's simple joys: indulging in meals, sharing drinks, resting, and engaging in conversations with friends. Social interactions typically take priority over work obligations.

Theravada Buddhism makes up about 66% of the population of Laos, with the bulk of practitioners being Lao Loum. The remaining, who adhere to their distinct ethnic customs and rituals, are largely animist.

When planning your trip, keep in mind that obtaining a Laos eVisa is a necessity. Applying for your eVisa allows you to embrace the joys of exploration without the worry of administrative details. With your eVisa in hand, you're free to savor the enchanting landscapes, cultural wonders, and warm encounters that Laos offers.

To get your Laos visa as soon as possible, you only need to prepare the following basic Laos e-Visa requirements for foreign travelers:

  • Passport Personal Information Scan. 
  • The passport needs to be valid for at least 06 months from the entry date in Laos.
  • Credit/debit cards or PayPal accounts to pay the eVisa fees.
  • A current email address to receive your e-Visa.

If you are planning to visit and experience Laos culture, we recommend that you apply for a visa as soon as possible, in time for your flight. We hope your application goes well and your time in Laos is delightful.