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What if I lose my e-Visa

If you lose your Laos e-Visa approval letter, it is advisable to take immediate action to obtain a replacement or resolve the issue before traveling to Laos. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Contact the issuing authority: Reach out to the Lao e-Visa application system or the relevant government authority that issued your e-Visa. Explain the situation and provide them with any relevant details, such as your application reference number or passport information. They may be able to assist you in reissuing the e-Visa approval letter or provide guidance on the next steps.
  • Check your email or account: If you applied for the e-Visa online, search your email inbox for any correspondence related to the Laos e-Visa. Look for emails containing the e-Visa approval letter or any other relevant documents. Additionally, log in to your e-Visa account on the official e-Visa application website and see if you can access the approval letter or download a copy.
  • Print a new copy: If you have a digital copy of the e-Visa approval letter saved on your computer or mobile device, you can try printing a new copy. Make sure to use a printer that provides clear and legible copies.
  • Contact the Lao Embassy or Consulate: If you are unable to obtain a replacement e-Visa approval letter through the online system, contact the Lao Embassy or Consulate in your country. They may be able to assist you or provide further guidance on the matter.

It is crucial to resolve the issue before traveling to Laos, as you may be required to present the e-Visa approval letter upon arrival at the immigration checkpoint. Without a valid e-Visa approval letter, you may encounter difficulties and may not be allowed entry into the country.