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Is Laos cheaper than Thailand?

Yes, Laos is generally considered cheaper than Thailand in terms of overall living and travel expenses. Both countries offer budget-friendly options for travelers, but Laos tends to be cheaper for accommodation, food, transportation and tourism activities compared to popular tourist areas in Thailand.

The following are the areas where Laos is often cheaper than Thailand.

  • Accommodation: In Laos, you can find affordable guest houses, hostels and intermediate hotels at a lower price than Thailand's equivalent options.

  • Food and drink: Eating out in Laos is generally cheaper than in Thailand. Local street food and small local restaurants offer delicious and affordable meals. Western restaurants and cooking options from around the world can be relatively more expensive.

  • Transportation: Public transportation in Laos such as buses and tuktuk is often cheaper in Laos compared to Thailand. Domestic flights to Laos are also relatively cheap.

  • Admission fees and activities: Admission to temples, museums and tourist attractions in Laos is generally cheaper than similar sites in Thailand. Activities such as trekking, boat trips, and guided tours also tend to be inexpensive.

  • Prices may vary depending on the specific location within each country. Popular tourist areas in Laos and Thailand can be expensive compared to less well-known destinations.

  • As with all travel destinations, budgets, and spending habits ultimately determine the overall cost of travel. But in general, travelers often think Laos is more budget-friendly than Thailand.