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Do you need proof of onward travel to Laos?

Yes. When entering Laos, you can be questioned for documentation of onward travel. Regulations and admission criteria are subject to variation and change over time. It is important to confirm the most up-to-date and correct information on the need for evidence of onward travel before your journey by contacting the Laos embassy or consulate directly or through the Global Visa Services website.  

Prior to visiting Laos, travelers need to obtain the following documents:

  • A valid passport with at least six months from the issued date and at least two blank passport pages are required to stamp visa verification. 
  • A completed visa application form can apply at Global Visa Services with detailed consultation and instructions. 
  • At least two digital photographs of applicants which require travelers to dress formally and have no glasses or hats, etc. 
  • Passport biographical page scan
  • An email address. After being issued by the Government, the eVisa will be sent to this email address in PDF format. 

If you don't have all the necessary paperwork, your e-visa application may be denied, or you may be requested to provide further supporting papers. Before applying, make sure you have all the required documentation by carefully reviewing the instructions and requirements for the e-visa application.