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Do children from New Zealand need a visa for Laos?

Yes, a visa is required for entry into the Lao PDR for all applicants, including children and infants. Children who are traveling to Laos for tourism or business purposes will need to apply for a Laos visa. They can apply for a Laos visa online through the Global Visa Services website 

Here are some additional tips for traveling to Laos with children:

  • Make sure your children have a valid passport: The passports of your children must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of their anticipated departure from Laos.
  • Apply for a visa in advance: If your children intend to visit Laos for tourism or business, you should apply for a visa ahead of time. When you arrive in Laos, this will save you time and trouble.
  • Pack for all weather conditions: The weather in Laos varies based on the season. Pack clothing for both hot, humid weather and colder, drier weather.
  • Be prepared for long travel times: The journey from New Zealand to Laos might be lengthy. Prepare for long flights as well as bus or rail rides.
  • Keep your children entertained: Long travel times can be boring for children. Pack some activities to keep them entertained, such as books, games, and movies.