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Can I use USD in Laos?

Yes, you can use USD in Laos. The Lao kip (LAK) is the official currency of Laos, however the US dollar is commonly accepted in most places, particularly in tourist destinations. If you swap your money for Kip, you will obtain a higher exchange rate, but you may also use USD if you like.

Here are some tips for using USD in Laos:

  • At a reputed exchange office, exchange your currency for Kip. Most major cities in Laos have exchange bureaus.
  • Keep small denominations of USD on hand. This will make exchanging for kip and using it in stores and restaurants easier.
  • Keep an eye on the currency rate. Because the conversion rate might fluctuate, it is critical to check the rate before exchanging your money.
  • Keep Exchange Receipts: It's a good idea to save the receipts when exchanging money in Laos. If you want to exchange any leftover Lao Kip back into your home currency after leaving the country, these receipts could be necessary.