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Are There Any Differences Between Laos Evisa And Laos Visa?

Yes, there are differences between Laos eVisa and Laos visa. The traditional Laos visa is a physical sticker or stamp that is placed in your passport by a Laotian embassy or consulate, while the Laos eVisa is an electronic visa that is obtained online and linked to your passport electronically.

The first difference between the two is the application process. Applying for a traditional Laos visa typically involves submitting your passport, application form, and supporting documents (such as proof of onward travel and accommodation) in person at a Laotian embassy or consulate. This visa process can take many days or even weeks, depending on the embassy's processing time.

In contrast, the Laos eVisa can be obtained online through the government or through Global Visa Services. The e-visa application is simple and can be completed in a matter of minutes, and the eVisa is usually processed within 03 business days. Once approved, you will receive an electronic copy of your visa, which you can print out to show to immigration officials when you arrive in Laos.

Another difference between the two is the cost. The Laos eVisa is generally less expensive than the traditional Laos visa, and there may be additional fees associated with obtaining a traditional visa (such as postage or courier fees if you need to send your passport to the embassy).