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Vietnam Visa for who are Living/From Australia - How it Works ?

How it works ?2 mins video To make your trip to Vietnam easy and simple for Australian and people in Australia, the Vietnam Immigration Department has implemented a modern electronic system for processing your Vietnam visa (Vietnam business visa or Vietnam tourist visa) upon arrival at international airports in the country. From now on, you can get your Vietnam visa fast and simple without having to send your passport to the Vietnam Embassy and Consulate in Australia. Please note that this system works at the Airports only

Apply online for Vietnam visa in 3 easy steps

Step 1 Fill out the online application form by providing us your airport of arrival, date of arrival, your full name, your passport number, your date of birth and your nationality. You are required to enter the personal information of the applicant(s) that matches the information on your passport(s).

Step 2Pay the service fee online by your Credit/Debit Card Visa Visa Discover American , Paypal Paypal or Wire Transfer to our HSBC bank account Bank in Hong Kong (Payment Guidelines).. After finishing your order with payment, you will receive a confirmation email for your visa order and informing when you will get your visa approval letter by email.In some urgent cases, we can send to you by email in 30 minutes after you send us your passport details, but this case may charge you more than normal case.

Step 3Print out the visa approval letter attached in the email and 2 passport size photo to check in for your flight. When you come to Vietnam, you need to show out the visa approval letter at “Landing visa Counter” and pay stamping fee for Vietnam Immigration officers at airport to get stamped on your passport. (Or you can choose full package service to get support from our staff for paying stamping and getting visa stamped).

After that you can enter Vietnam and enjoy your time in Vietnam.

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