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Applicable for all travelers to Cambodia by Airplane.

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Maximum 48 working hours processing time, 5 Business hours for Rush Cambodia ETA request.


Low service fees, no hidden charges.

More accessible.

Best choice for those living far from Embassies .


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Cambodia e-Visa FAQs - Visa Frequently Asked Questions

Cambodia e-Visa - What it is all about?

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Price, Payment & Others

Problems & Concerns


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  2. I plan to travel from Cambodia to another country for a short trip and return back to Cambodia again. Do I need to apply two Visas within such a short period of time?
  3. What are the advantages of applying Visa online?
  4. If I have more than one passport, can I apply for the Visa using the particulars from the first passport and then travel with the second passport?
  5. Can I print my Visa in Black and White?
  6. How many copies of Visa do I need to print out?
  7. I apply more than one e-Visa in single application. Why do I only receive one email with one of the two e-Visas we applied?
  8. Will there be any e-Visa sticker on my passport?
  9. My children is above 12 years old but still travel with parent's passport, do they need a Visa?
  10. If my children are under 12 years old, do they need a Visa?
  11. My travel info (flight info, entry ports, entry date, accommodation) is not confirmed, can I still apply?
  12. Can I extend my Visa on this website?
  13. Can I stay at Cambodia even though my Visa had expired?
  14. I plan to travel to Cambodia three months later, can I apply now? If not, when can I start applying?
  15. As an individual tourist, can I apply for multiple Visas with intention to extend my length of stay?
  16. The entry port which I wish to enter Cambodia does not support e-Visa, what can I do?
  17. Do I need to enter Cambodia on the exact date specified in my application?
  18. Do I have to make payment online in USD?
  19. What shall I do upon arrival at Immigration in Cambodia?
  20. What are the required-documents-for Cambodia e-Visa?
  21. How it works?